Top Cloud Based Solutions for Startups

May 21, 2015

7:00 pm

Cloud based solutions offer astonishing opportunities for startup businesses. With cloud solutions, you often don’t have to invest as much in computers, you can access what you need from anywhere, and you often get free upgrades when software improves.

Let’s talk about some of the best cloud solutions that exist for small businesses and startups.

Childcare solutions at your fingertips

While specialized, SkyChildCare is an excellent example of the kind of cloud-based software solution that small businesses can take advantage of. There are three subscription levels which childcare centers can choose based on their needs and size. Each of the subscription levels offers different tools and options that can help small centers or home daycares take payments, track family information, and create scheduling for students and teachers.

Get help building your content

For very small businesses, it may not yet make sense to totally outsource your content creation, but if you’re new to the content marketing world, you may not feel comfortable designing and maintaining a blog on your own. MyBlogU can help! Free to join, the site allows you to brainstorm content ideas, find experts to interview, or look for infographics and videos that you can add to your content for increased shareability and interaction.

Manage your finances

Most businesses start out with fairly simple income tracking—often, a spreadsheet from a basic office software suite is all you need. But as a business starts to expand, tracking payments, expenses, and invoicing can become more complex. Amazing cloud accounting solutions have arisen in the last few years, such as LessAccounting and WaveAccounting. There are varying charges and fees for these programs, and they offer different benefits, but at the base level, most of them allow a business to invoice its clients, receive payments, and track income and expenses. Again, they are accessible anywhere, and most of them allow an entrepreneur to export reports for their accountant, or give a second person access to their finances for tax time.

Create and track documents

At the most basic level, there are programs like Office365 or Google’s Documents which allow a user to create documents, spreadsheets, and database creations, share them with coworkers for editing and collaboration, and store them in the cloud, off a hard drive. This helps minimize the hard drive space that’s needed for office computers, and also increases the ability of users to work from home or offsite.

Track progress as a team

One of the best benefits of cloud computing solutions are those that relate to team management and task tracking. Programs like Asana allow project managers to set tasks for team members, check on their progress, discuss developments, and push out updates. This can reduce the number of emails that a project manager gets on a daily basis, and minimize miscommunication.

There are many solutions to the problems faced by small businesses and startups that are addressed by cloud-based software solutions. Cloud computing has clearly become the next wave of enterprise software, because it minimizes IT problems, increases access, offers high quality security tools, and increases business productivity.


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