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September 28, 2013

10:00 am

One day while Vineet Joshi and Atul Barve were developing API integration for a SaaS venture, they had a flash of brilliance. You see, they had been developing the same API integration again and again for each new venture, unable to carry their work over from the previous one.

So they went to Mark Geene and Gary Gaessler to talk about how not just they, but all developers, must be wasting their time in the exact same fashion. They decided to act and develop a solution by developers for developers: Cloud Elements.

“There are already over 10,000 public API endpoints out there and over 100 APIs are being created each week,” says Joshi. “Each company will need a way to manage, monitor and maintain all of the services they are using.”

What this means for developers and enterprises is that there is now a way to leverage reusable cloud elements, hence the company name, for API development. The creation of applications is then dramatically increased, reducing the time required to integrate, monitor, and maintain leading SaaS cloud services.

It seems that the only part of the equation missing is proper marketing, but Cloud Elements positioned themselves spectacularly. When they first launched in Denver and Boulder, business did not just boom – it exploded.

The market in that area is, as the team at Cloud Eelements states, quite short when it comes to good developers. With few quality developers in the area, having pre-packaged APIs is a godsend, and the community ate it up.

The entire platform is built on the highly scalable Cloud Foundry platform, and it allows for seamless integration of messaging, documents, payments, customer management, and single sign-on for any application. Just pick the element you need, and add it in.

To accomplish such a large feat, Cloud Elements has had to hire quickly and smartly. However, they employ a well-thought-out, one-to-many approach, meaning that you can write to one API to access all of the leading services in a category: messaging, documents, payments, customer management, and single sign-on.

Cloud Elements writes and maintains the integration to each individual service, such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, giving developers a way to offer more options to their clients for a fraction of the cost. In other words, they have delivered a consolidated platform to purchase, integrate, monitor, and maintain more than 20 different cloud services.

Since the initial onset of business was so successful for them, they have taken to marketing their developers’ tools through hackathons, developer conferences and meet ups, co-working spaces, and startup events. Their efforts have not been in vain, as they were recently recognized at Colorado’s startup of the year.

Cloud Elements was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Denver Mixer & Startup Showcase on September 16th.

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