Cloudinary Adds Video Management to its Toolbox

July 29, 2015

9:11 pm

The web is filled with media content and, every second, there are millions of videos being watched, sent and received. That is way to much for anyone to wrap around, so it is important to have the best possible tools to make the handling of that content much easier.

That is exactly what Cloudinary, a leading cloud-based image-management solution has recently launched: a whole new feature, especially set for video management inside its developer’s toolbox. Given that this service already manages billions of media content items, it is safe to say that this new feature is well developed, with that kind of content in mind.

Cloudinary runs a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which has emerged to be an important standard that developers of large companies and small startups alike use for their websites and mobile apps to solve all their image needs. The newly launched video support provides a technical solution to all aspects of handling videos online, allowing developers to focus on their core product instead of spending time building and supporting their in-house video solutions.

These are the features that users can expect from this new video-management tool:

  • scalable cloud-based solution: video upload at any scale with rich APIs, from a back-end application or directly from a browser or mobile application;
  • simple video management: users can manage their videos with Cloudinary, programmatically or via an interactive online web interface;
  • automatic video transcoding: possibility to automatically generate HTML5 and mobile friendly videos for optimized view on all web browsers and mobile devices;
  • powerful video manipulation: video manipulation on-the-fly and in real-time, in order to fit users’ graphic design and product requirements – Cloudinary’s new tool makes it easy to brand videos, embed ads and captions inside them, generate thumbnails and even convert videos to animated GIFs.

With the addition of this new video management feature, Cloudinary’s toolbox becomes a really full-featured suite of media content management, one of the strongest in its niche.

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