CLVR: Interactive Video for Your Business Just Got Better

December 8, 2012

10:00 am

Denver startup CLVR has nailed interactive video for the web and your business. It helps businesses create promotional videos that are way more interactive than your standard video ad.

As a business, do you want to tag a specific timeframe on a video and give the viewer more details about your product? CLVR takes that feature one step further, allowing you to tag any object on the screen. You can not only link that object to your website, but also give a detailed product overview, the ability to share it socially, and the ability to buy it  – all within the video!

Like the shirt the star is wearing? Click on it and buy it for yourself.

The only downside is that CLVR includes an introduction video that plays in advance of each video, instructing the viewer to click on the green dot to access these features. Now, I understand that CLVR believes they need to educate the consumer – and that is fine – but I think it might be a nice surprise to let the naturally curious do what they do best and discover the amazing features themselves. By all means leave it in the intro video, but there is no need to include it before the main event.

If CLVR created this player in HTML5 and will let me incorporate my own brand identity on the video like Viddler, this is hands down the strongest promotional video software player on the web for your business.

For more information, contact CLVR.

CLVR was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Denver mixer. 

Guest author Chris Joannou is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in everything from tech to tequila. He runs two of Melbourne’s largest online business and startup networks – the Melbourne Internet Business Group and Startup Grind Melbourne, in addition to, which showcases startups and visionaries. Outside of tech, he runs an innovative, private-label food and beverage business that primarily imports for the retail and food service markets within the Asia-Pacific. Follow him on Twitter @dreampushers.

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