Cmapper: Swarm, Spotted by Locals, All in One App

June 11, 2016

4:00 pm

How many times have you browsed through city guides looking for places to visit for your next holiday? Yeah, we’ve all been through that, searching for those special “places” that make us feel the vibration of that place. But how about our own city? Have you wondered which places you’d recommend to everyone? Just think about the pictures you’ve taken and those great memories you share with friends about the places you’ve discovered. Why not make it available to everyone? Why not become a guide that helps people find those amazing places you already have? Cmapper lets you do just that.


The base idea of travel resource app cmapper is very simple: Instead of reading other people’s guides, you can be your own guide! You can search for what others have recommended, but if you have discovered something great and you had a great time somewhere, don’t keep it all to yourself: share it with others!

Simply put, cmapper is like Swarm meeting Spotted by Locals. It aims to become a travel resources app with curated content. The curators are the people using the app, locals or tourists, who are willing to share their happiness with others. You found a restaurant with great food? Mark it on the map and upload pictures, videos or a link to the website. You want to document your trip? No problem.


After creating an account, cmapper lets you create thematic maps – such as health and beauty, foods, etc. – just select a spot on the map and drop a pin to make a map. You decide whether it is private or public. Don’t want to create a thematic map? Just add a map spot, say a few words about the place, add photos, a video or a link to a website, and that’s it. Or you can just mark it using one of the icons cmapper comes with.


All the information you share with cmapper – if public – will build a database of city guides. At launch, cmapper offers a feed with “recent,” “popular,” “food,” or “shopping” so you can check out what others have found worthwhile.

If the pictures or the description have convinced you and you want to visit that spot, cmapper will help you get there with the built-in navigation feature. By the way, you can select other maps apps such as Apple Maps or Google Maps if you don’t want to use Cmapper’s proprietary navigation system.

I liked the idea of cmapper a lot, but, as with every crowd-sourced application, it needs users to get content into it. Since cmapper is just getting started, don’t set your expectations too high; instead, become a trendsetter and share the knowledge and happiness with others, so we can all feel the vibration of that place that made you feel good. Have a story to tell about a special place? Download cmapper from the App Store and start sharing!

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