Miami’s Rokk3r Labs Collaborates with FIU for Makerbot Innovation Lab

July 8, 2015

7:30 pm

It was recently announced that Miami-based Rokk3r Labs will be collaborating with Florida International University (FIU) to work with the university’s new Makerbot Innovation Center.

The Makerbot Innovation Center, partially funded through The Knight Foundation, is a 3,000 square foot space that will be home to a network of 3D printers and 3D scanners. It will be available to FIU students for credit classes and projects, and there will also be an option for local high school students to use the facility.

“The MakerBot Innovation Center is an excellent example of the confluence of ideas and execution preparing Miami for the age of disruption,” said Nabyl Charania, CEO of Rokk3r Labs in a statement.  “3D printing is an exponential technology that is already changing the fundamentals of traditional industries and shifting economic strategy. With this partnership, we will motivate massive opportunities and empower large-scale transformation.”

Rokk3r Labs is a co-building platform that works mainly with startups and entrepreneurs on all stages of starting up. In exchange for equity, they help companies increase value, mitigate risk, and implement innovative ways to raise capital. Their primary focus is on leveraging exponential technologies to build exponential organizations.

As a way to start more conversations about exponential technologies that are driving innovation, Rokk3r Labs will run workshops, host seminars, and research initiatives in collaboration with FIU. The ultimate goal is to make this lab the center of 3D printing innovation in Florida.

The Makerbot Innovation Center will be located in Miami Beach Urban Studios. In opening this center, FIU will be the first college in the United States to open an experimentation space of this type for students and entrepreneurs.

Miami is one of the biggest tech/startup hubs in the country. I think we can officially add this new Makerbot Innovation Center to our list of reasons to startup in Miami.





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