Elevating Online Coding Education Via On Demand Mentorship

December 10, 2015

6:00 pm

What’s one of the biggest things holding back online education courses? For a lot of people, the simple answer is that they have no outside assistance or help aside from the internet. It’s why people still choose to go into a physical classroom to learn coding, programming, development, and design.

Codementor was built by CEO and founder Weiting Liu to be a marketplace for on demand, live help from expert developers. That is, it’s essentially that missing piece to the puzzle that is online coding education.

Liu and the Codementor team today announced that they’ll be partnering with Udemy to help elevate their coding mentorship to a new level. Udemy will be providing the curriculum, Codementor the on demand assistance: it’s a win-win for the two companies.

“With this partnership, we are combining Udemy’s industry leading curriculum with Codementor’s one-on-one mentorship to help anyone learn new technologies faster,” says Liu.

Since launching back in 2014, Codementor has attracted over 3,500 vetted developers to the platform. They’ve also made serious ground when it comes to increasing the demand for a curriculum paired with Codementor live mentorship, hence the Udemy partnership.

Udemy is one of the largest online education marketplaces with more than 9 million users and 35,000 courses. Together with Codementor, they’ve hand selected the top rated programming courses across five different categories that they’ll combine into the Codementor model.

The mentorship plan starts at $199 per month which includes lifetime access to Udemy course material and weekly one on one sessions with a dedicated mentor for troubleshooting and guidance. Each curriculum takes about three months to complete, but students are allowed to learn on their own pace.

Some of the package topics include:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • AngularJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • iOS Swift

“Codementor started as a developer marketplace without any structured learning guidelines. As we grew, we’ve been receiving user requests for a strong curriculum to be coupled with our live mentorship support,” says Liu. “Now, we’re very excited to provide an industry leading curriculum in the form of this partnership with Udemy.”

And they should be excited, because there aren’t many options out there that have this kind of robust support coupled with a strong learning curriculum. I think it’ll be most interesting to see how other big players in the space respond to this partnership and adapt their own models moving forward.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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