30 Most Common College Graduates Found at Major Tech Companies

July 20, 2017

2:30 pm

With summer dwindling, thoughts of back to school sales and brand new books are undeniably dancing around in your head. Whether you’re returning to a graduate program or sending your little one off to preschool for the first time, the return of the school year is a stressful and exciting time for everyone. And if you’re wondering about how good your chances are of landing a top tech job after college, this could help you narrow it down.

With help from research done by Paysa, we now know exactly which colleges and universities churn out the highest number of major tech company employees around the country. By checking out the resumes of 286,000 employees at the top 100 tech companies, they were able to discern which colleges gave you the best chance at landing the highly-sought after jobs at companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

According to the data, four school stand out from the pack: the University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley. These schools accounted for nearly 1,000 more resumes each at major tech companies than the fifth most popular university, showing that the west coast really is the best coast.

It is important to remember that these are just statistics. Sure, you might have a slightly better chance at landing a gig at Amazon by attending UW as one of the Huskies. But, as the study poignantly points out, the school on your resume isn’t going to be the only thing potential employers are looking at.

“Regardless of where you went to school, knowing your worth is the key to success in virtually every industry,” wrote the Paysa team in the study. “At Paysa, we believe in empowering employees to make educated and informed career decisions.”

If you want to take a look at the rest of the list, check it out below and make sure to take a look at the full study here to get an idea of what tech companies are looking for overall:

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