Comedy Central Releases Free Stand-Up Comedy App to Give Viewers Access to Over 700 Comedians

June 6, 2013

5:01 pm

Viacom and Comedy Central released a stand-alone extension app, CC: Stand-Up, for iOS today. Aileen Budow, SVP Corporate Communications at Viacom Entertainment Group, assures me that an Android version is in the works as well.

Users who get the free iOS app can stream video footage from over 700 of their favorite comedians in crisp resolution. If that were not enough, CC: Stand-Up employs a powerful recommendation algorithm to fuel their ‘Six Degrees of Stand-Up’ references.

“Unlike other recommendation engines, the CC: Stand-Up App is transparent about the reason for its suggestion,” says Budow. “For example, two comedians may follow one another on Twitter, they may have appeared together on the same television show, or they may share a love of animals.”

CC: Stand-Up Screenshot

Before you know it, your interactive web that started with Mike Birbiglia will be referring you to comedians you may have never heard of. Very quickly, your web will expand to cover more stand-up comedy than you could ever have imagined.

This covers a few bases for Comedy Central. First, it ensures that users easily can satiate their hunger for stand-up. Second, it allows users to explore the talent of other comedians beyond mainstream stand-up acts.

Stand-up comedy has been an integral part of Comedy Central since its inception in 1991, and they have one of the largest libraries of material in the world.

“This is a way different experience than YouTube or Dailymotion,” says Budow. “Viewers can enjoy hours and hours of pure stand-up comedy content that is personally curated by the Comedy Central team.”

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