6 Common Sense Questions Every Startup Needs to Ask to Survive

June 23, 2017

5:00 pm

Today anyone can come up with a startup and enter the world of entrepreneurship. With the formation of a digital marketplace, things are quite simplified but, beating the competition and thriving in there is what matters. Therefore, it has become important for them to stand out in the crowd and make their startup look different from that of others.

So now the question arises like how can you as a business owner, solve this problem? These common sense questions will help you stay on track to help your startup thrive.

Are You Finding a Solution to a Problem?

Many a time it happens that companies come up with products which do not address people’s problems. Such products simply consume your money and you will even feel that you can have a normal life without them.

So before you come up with an idea or invention, it is necessary to be sure that it will solve the problem of your customers. Moreover, applying right marketing strategy to execute your idea and gain customers will help you take your idea so far.

Do You Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

Today many businesses are on different social media platforms. By using right content marketing strategy you will be able to connect with social media users and share important information.

Practically, this will not help you get more sales in the beginning but, you will definitely win the confidence of the readers and establish yourself as an expert in the market. People will notice you and this will increase the chance of future sales.

So if your competitors are lacking behind in content marketing, you will be able to stir up the marketplace and gain attention.

How Are You Addressing Customer Service?

A good number of online businesses do not feel the need to have a dedicated customer service and so they don’t have a budget for it. For any business, whether it is online or in-store, customer service is must to address customer queries quickly, to encourage customers to write a review and even act according to the customer reviews.

Good services to customers

There are only 8 percent of the customers satisfied with the 80 percent of well-known businesses. Being a startup with less workforce, you can handle it on your own, or else, you can hire someone for the task.

How Does Your Product Stand Out From the Noise

Are you planning to come up with a product that already exists in the market? Then before you do so understand the marketplace properly. How are you going to differentiate yours from the rest? Why will people prefer your product?

Once you will find answers to these questions, you will have a better idea about how you are going to carry out the marketing campaign. You will be able to address the issues and represent your product as the answer to those problems.

How Are You Reaching Your Customers?

Once people used to search for companies and reach out to their products. With time things have changed. Today, it has become a challenge for the startups to find and reach potential customers and engage with them with all of the noise.

So in short, this simply means that you have to market your brand and advertise your products where your customers are and this increases the chances to get discovered.

Are You Delivering On-Time?

One of the important things that startups should keep in mind is everything will only turn out to be effective if you deliver your products on time. Spending all your energy on marketing and failing to ship on time can cost your business. Remember that there are a number of options out there for your customers to get the product instantly so they are not going to wait for you.

Proper planning and right focus can help any startup to grow and succeed. Just understand your business and try to solve the issues that are coming your way. You will be surprised how far it can take you!

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