Improve Your Company’s Communication With VPLS

May 23, 2015

2:00 pm

We do not always realize it, but networks are an integral part of the ways we use computers and that is even more true with the increasing use that systems make of the cloud. If you are using the Internet, then you are connected to a network – the Internet itself is a network of communication with other networks around the world.

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN or Service), a buzzword that emerged in recent years, is now one of the flagship functionalities offered by many service providers. This tool can be an extremely useful tool for companies with offices in different locations, but can also be a tricky concept to grasp.

These companies usually use WAN networks to communicate – but, if these WAN connections are setup via DSL, their connections will use public Internet. So, with these settings, how can a network be truly private? In order to make a private WAN, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) needs to be created.

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A VPN is a type of network that uses the public Internet infrastructure to provide offices and individuals with network connectivity at very long physical distances. It can, in some aspects, be regarded as a particular type of WAN. Unlike a public WAN, however, VPN connections use encryption and tunnelling to provide secure and private network access, while still using public Internet lines.

What, then, is VPLS? Sometimes known as ‘Ethernet VPN’, VPLS is a type of VPN that connects LANs in different geographical locations in order to form a private WAN. What makes VPLS stand on top of the current business VPN services is that, even though the network that is created is a WAN, from the user point of view works and is presented as a single Ethernet network.

A VPLS service brings the benefits and functionalities of an Ethernet connection, which previously could only be used in a LAN configuration, to WAN networks. VPLS provides private and secure connectivity that is also flexible and scalable, while all users of a private network using a VPLS solution will appear to be on the same Ethernet LAN. This can be particularly useful for companies, as it makes the network much easier to manage and understand. VPLS can then improve connectivity between offices while maintaining a secure network.

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For all these reasons, VPLS is becoming the focus of attention from the service providers and requested by companies. There is a lot of information available online about VPLS, be sure to check it and see how it can improve the efficiency of your company’s communications.

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