With CommunityLeader, Crowdfunding Becomes a Possibility for Many

November 14, 2014

4:30 pm

Nowadays, it seems that everyone and their mother is taking part in crowdfunding. From larger crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to smaller niche platforms like PubSlush and EventStir, crowdfunding seems to be one of the next major players in financing. Unbeknownst to many who currently engage in these platforms, though, there’s a lot that goes into creating a crowdfunding platform – from the various regulations that oversee the industry to the financial and operational barriers to entry, access to crowdfunding is currently limited. Luckily, CommunityLeader is helping to make crowdfunding a more available option.

CommunityLeader is a Burlingame, CA-based startup that offers a white-label crowdfunding portal platform, which enables more options when it comes to private capital for growing businesses, as well as the ability to bring in a broader group of investors into the financial landscape. Through their platform, companies gain access to a platform that gives them the tools to the online solicitation, sales, and support of private securities.

“[The] name ‘CommunityLeader’ comes from our our commitment to make and support authentic community leaders – the folks who step up in any community – [people with different] geographic, affinity, ethnic, and industry [backgrounds] with a shared passion to making a difference by connecting capital and dreamers,” said cofounder and CEO Joseph Barisonzi.

For Barisonzi and CommunityLeader as an entity, there’s a perceived and real need to democratize access to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is rapidly impacting private capital markets, and it’s would be unfortunate to not give access to growing businesses. Through its private-label platform, companies are provided with a more affordable and crowdfunding platform that already abides by industry and government regulations.

Since launching the company has seen a steady growth in sales and the success of various clients’ portals in raising capital. And for Barisonzi, this is a great first step towards making crowdfunding more available, but he does have a greater vision for CommunityLeader:

“The big long term crazy vision is a complete transformation of the private capital markets domestically and internationally. This transformation includes a complete change of who gets funded, how they get funded, when they get funded, and who makes the money. This transformation will dis-intermediate the sector and unleash an unprecedented wave of innovation. A sustainable coffee project in Brazil may connect with a community of fair trade and organic impact investors on a portal in Minneapolis and receive a syndicated investment which includes investors from Asian, Europe and Africa.”

CommunityLeader was recently  awarded “Readers’ Choice” for Tech Cocktail’s Twin Cities’ Hottest Showcasing Startup. They also showcased at this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference

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