These Companies Are Competing at SXSW Startup Night [Poll]

March 7, 2017

4:30 pm

SXSW is place of collaboration and community. With thousands of people in attendance to see everything from film premieres to innovative products, the atmosphere is abuzz with enough entrepreneurial enthusiasm to power a small ship. But while being supportive is a staple of the popular Austin conference, competition is what makes the world go round, which is why Tech.Co is hosting a SXSW Startup Night to see who has the best chance of making it in the market.

On Sunday, March 12th, 25 startups will take the stage to compete for cash prizes, business resources, and bragging rights at SXSW Startup Night. There will be drinks, there will be snacks, and there will be more entrepreneurs than you’ll know what to do with. Past showcased startups at our events have gotten great feedback, been funded on the spot, met new employees, investors, and some have even been acquired.

If you’re interested in learning more about the startups competing at SXSW Startup Night, check them out below and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll below:


BallotReady is the nonpartisan online voter guide to every race and referendum. From the top of the ticket to the very bottom, BallotReady helps voters compare candidates based on stances on issues, biography, and endorsements. Many voters enter the voting booth prepared to vote for president and unprepared for everything else. Our mission is to make it easy to vote informed on the entire ballot.


BeeHex is a B2B company. They design and build commercial 3D food printers and fresh-food producing robots – all controlled by BeeHex software and mobile app. Born of a NASA project, BeeHex’s Chef3D printers and food bots streamline fresh food production with truly personalized nutrition.


Bstow automatically rounds up users’ everyday purchases to the whole dollar and donates the difference to their chosen nonprofit. With the most secure and seamless round-up technology in the market, Bstow provides companies and organizations with the next generation of fundraising tools that streamline the donation process, engage donors, and increase brand loyalty. Bstow targets millennials who want to wage immediate change for good and are looking for easier ways to donate.


ChangEd is an iOS app that helps Student Loan borrowers pay down their debt more effectively using spare change from their everyday purchases. Get out of debt years sooner. All without any budgeting.


Envested is an enterprise software company that created a next generation workplace giving and employee engagement software. We’ve differentiated on the experience side because the software allows for employees to give their 3Ts (time, talent and treasure/dollars) to nonprofits LOCAL to them. They’re differentiated on the administrative side because the software allows companies to better manage their community engagement efforts in a holistic way. And we’re differentiated on the engagement side because while the software allows for individual activity, it is oriented around employee groups.


This company uses augmented artificial intelligence to actively manage of your portfolio. Let the collective intelligence work for you and manage your investment at EquBot.

Fingertips Lab

Every moment, 660,000 US drivers look away from the road to use their smartphones. Over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide endanger their lives everyday in the attempt to multitask while commuting. From Fingertips Lab, O6 is the first product to solve this problem with eyes-free browsing. O6 has several integrative pilot projects underway, working with automotive companies to equip the next generation of vehicles with their proprietary technology.


Flux has developed a novel way of listening to the earth. It’s an IoT platform and hardware inspired by the team’s work with high-level military approaches to detect terrorists. In effect flux is working to understand the language of Mother Nature to create better tools to help humanity survive the next 200 years and beyond. Not just survive, but thrive! The company’s first product is Eddy, a growbot that makes it easy for anyone to grow tasty food and high-grade medical cannabis at home. Team Eddy is currently building a future farm initiative to feed astronauts and future inhabitants on Mars fresh food and natural medicine.


GetPayroll is designed to attract a younger market requiring assistance managing their business’ payroll and tax obligations. With their latest product, SIMON 3-Click Paperless Payroll, you can run payroll anywhere, anytime, on any device. With a focus on the millennial micro businesses with up to 10 employees, SIMON is poised to permanently change the payroll landscape upon its release in March 2017.

Innobright Technologies

State-of-the-art rendering technology is an integral part of the CGI process and represents a bottleneck that takes considerable time and may consume up to 30 percent of the project budget. Innobright’s Altus “de-noising” software presents an elegant rendering throughput improvement option, fits into customer’s work flow and results in a higher quality product outcome while saving time and as much as 50 percent of rendering costs. Innobright’s Altus represents the highest quality rendering de-noising solution that is easy to implement, affordably priced and generates an immediate, high value return on investment.


Knocki offers the simplest, most natural, and accessible way to control the world around you. Knocki is a small WiFi-enabled device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces around you into powerful remote controls for your connected world. Using Knocki is easy – by gently tapping simple patterns anywhere on a Knocki activated wall, table-top, door, or furniture, you can control a wide array of connected devices in a powerful and highly accessible way. Knocki uses non-acoustic sensor technology to detect gentle surface gestures even a distance away, but Knocki also has the intelligence to filter out random vibrations. is the first of its kind, on-demand up streaming comedy service. They have the largest catalog of company representing over 650 comedians – from Aziz Ansari to Weird Al Yanjovic. They serve comedy your way.


Markett is a performance based platform that systematizes word of mouth marketing by providing ambassadors with all the tools they need to acquire new customers for their favorite brands. Each ambassador is a micro-influencer in their community, trained to acquire high value target customers for the brands they represent. Marketters share promotions via social channels, personal landing pages, and everyday interactions with their friends, fans, and family.


At Module, they reimagine what a home is for the 21st century. Instead of taking out a huge mortgage for a huge house, they start small, but they’re designed to grow. The house changes as your personal and financial needs change. With their modular design and patent-pending structural system, it’s easy to convert a one bedroom starter unit into a three bedroom house without the headache associated with traditional renovations.

Novel Effect

Novel Effect creates interactive storytelling experience based on voice. Their technology can perfectly sync special effects with your words using voice recognition. The first application syncs theme music, sound effects, and characters voices as you read a book aloud. Reading becomes immersive, engaging and interactive. Their patent pending technology is the first of its kind that will bring magic to books, videos, and more.


Connecting school nurse to teachers and parents, NursePass is the secure platform that provides peace of mind with instant notifications of a child’s well-being. NursePass digitizes the communication from classroom teacher to the school nurse with custom notifications about the student’s health and wellness status before the student arrives to the nurse. The companion app NursePort, sends instant notifications and reports to parents/guardians. Parents who subscribe, can securely view their child’s status after a visit, notes of the visit, and a history of visits.


From CWB, Opla frees workers from digital routine. Opla is a conversational robot for businesses to assist them in their daily work on the web. You need a website? Just ask Opla. But it is much more, a full open source conversational platform linked to a wide range of services. It already works on Facebook Messenger, where Opla creates and manages your website. As a platform agnostic it can be plugged on any messaging platform and website easily. It is coded from scratch, and highly scalable solution as no human intervention is required in the process.


Orbii is the world’s first Modular & drivable smart home monitoring camera that can stream live video, audio and environment data to any smart phone, tablet or computer.


PhenixP2P is revolutionizing content delivery with PCast™, the world’s first and only real-time video streaming platform enabling unprecedented low latency video at massive scale. Phenix’s proprietary technology drives viewer engagement by providing high-quality video with less than 500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency and can scale to millions of concurrent viewers. Furthermore, its optional peer-to-peer Proximity MulticastTM feature facilitates even larger scale and significantly lowers operating bandwidth costs for its customers.

Reflexion Interactive Technologies

Every year fifty million young amateur athletes compete or practice with a concussion because their schools and athletic organizations do not have access to a cheap and fast way to routinely detect traumatic brain injuries. Reflexion solves this problem by providing fast, portable, and affordable concussion monitoring systems to amateur athletic organizations to improve athlete safety and reduce liability.

ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good is a social impact company aimed at reducing assaults through smart safety jewelry while addressing the underlying causes of violence against women. Their fashionable self-defense wearable technology, Athena, helps deter attacks and instantly calls for help. It includes two modes: an alarm mode for emergencies and SilentROAR for discreet situations. However, Athena in not just a product – it’s part of a movement to ROAR for Good. For each device sold, a portion of proceeds is invested into educational programs shown to increase empathy and reduce violence.


Sentio is a consumer electronics company with proprietary technology that transforms your smartphone into a laptop. They launched their flagship Superbook on Kickstarter last year, becoming the Most Funded Hardware project at nearly $3M raised. Their team is led by alumni from Google and Y Combinator, and is backed by leading VCs including Social+Capital and 500 Startups. The software is Sentio, their mobile app that makes Android function as a true desktop. Simply download their app and connect to the Superbook to access a rich, productive, laptop experience powered by your smartphone.


Snatch is the next generation of mobile gaming designed to create enhanced levels of excitement and provide a platform where users can interact with other players, brands and the world around them to win exclusive prizes from the world’s top brands as well as life changing sums of cash on a daily basis. Not only are we crossing the bridge between the virtual world and reality we are challenging the way that brand interact and engage with users and put control back in the hands of the consumer. No pop-ups, no banners; just adrenaline.


SPLT is a closed-network enterprise ride share platform changing commuting worldwide and, in partnership with Lyft, providing on-demand non-emergency medical transportation. We are addressing the traffic congestion harming our economy’s productivity, time, and money, and the 4.5M missed medical appointments per year. SPLT is disrupting transportation through corporate carpooling and non-emergency medical transportation. The B2B approach creates greater density and participation, and has proven to be the only scalable model.

Thimble teaches beginners a basic understanding of building electronics through a monthly subscription kit and curated and easy-to-follow instructions. They’ve built sixteen engaging kits combined with an intuitive web interface and video tutorials. Examples of projects include a wifi-robot, LED cube, robotic arm, alarm clock, weather station, quadcopter, etc.


WiseBanyan helps people save and invest for goals big and small, starting with their first $1. And the best party is, they do it all for free.

Startup of the Year

Did you miss the deadline to apply for SXSW? Apply today for your chance to compete in the Startup of the Year competition as one of the Top 100 selected startups at Innovate! and Celebrate in San Francisco this October.

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