A Glimpse at the Startup Life: How These 8 Startups Celebrated Halloween

November 1, 2013

4:45 pm

Startups are renown for their open work spaces, paradoxically lax but high-energy environments, and endless supply of plaid shirts; however, such traits aren’t the primary reasons why many are envious of the startup life. When you boil it down, many are attracted to the company culture that so many startups excel at.

We’ve certainly covered the ways that founders can develop and improve company culture. And – for those of us who have lived this startup lifestyle – we certainly know of the kinds of things we do to create a sense of community within our companies, but how about for those on the outside looking in? Or what about other founders wanting to learn specific ways that they, too, can celebrate their company’s successes and people?

Well, here’s a glimpse at how these 8 startups celebrated Halloween:

TaskUs Halloween Contest!

“As a startup with offices in the U.S. and the Philippines, and a staff that has grown from five to 560 employees in five years, we understand how hard it is to foster incredible company culture and have it withstand rapid growth. We’ve found that nothing solidifies our shared values and vibrant culture more than celebrating with each other, and Halloween is definitely one of our favorites. Hosting a costume contest between our international offices is another great excuse to bring everyone together!”

Bryce Maddock, co-founder & CEO of TaskUs

“We at iAcquire are hosting a costume party, pot-luck, and awards ceremony. Outstanding employees are rewarded for their work during the awards ceremony. We have four different locations, so we host everything on a Google hangout using webcams.”

Allie Freeland, PR Director at iAcquire

BestBuzz CEO, Carrie Layne, could be my bestie; I, too, will eat any taco.

“At BestBuzz, we celebrated Halloween by dressing up (of course!) and shut down a little early to have margaritas on the patio. We have a karaoke machine in the BestBuzz office, so the festivities progressed to singing Halloween favorites, like Ghostbusters, and doing the Thriller dance. Our team has been working extremely hard on v3 of the BestBuzz mobile app, so it’s important to take a moment to celebrate our achievements and enjoy each other’s company outside of work.”

Carrie Layne, founder & CEO of BestBuzz

“At Homespin, our tech startup takes a nerdy approach for Halloween. Many of our employees work from home so we have a Google Hangout for our meeting and utilize the images/accessories feature to create our digital Halloween costumes. Turns into a really fun way to interact and celebrate Halloween!”

Karen Holst, cofounder & CMO at Homespin

“Meowww,” what he-cat says at Promet Source.

“Promet Source loves Halloween and has had a week of festivities culminating with a Halloween feast! Our team enjoyed the costume-theme days: Pajama Day, Madmen Day, Dress Like a Co-Worker or a Grandparent Day, and Wild Card Halloween.”

Maggie Graham, Marketing Manager at Promet Source

“At Twice, we held a Halloween party during our weekly ‘Happy Weds.’ party where the whole crew gets together to eat, drink, and be merry (or spooky)! We drank pumpkin ale, ate Thai food, and watched Hocus Pocus over a projector screen.”

Laura Vreck, Head of Content Marketing & Communications at Twice

Happier’s Awesomenauts!

“[On Wednesday] our usual Happier hour (every Wednesday at the Boston HQ of Happier, Inc.) became a Halloween Eve party. Happier users joined us for drinks and costumes. Part of our team dressed in the company color — orange — totally on-brand — in spacesuits. And since our co-founder and CEO, Nataly Kogan, has been accused of overusing the word “awesome”…in her honor I’m calling these team pictures ‘Happier’s Awesomenauts’.”

Laura Zigman, PR & Editorial Lead, Happier

“Because FlexJobs is a totally virtual company, with 36 staffers working from home offices throughout the U.S. on various schedules, we have to celebrate as a group in some unique ways. Earlier this week, we mailed candy goodie bags to the whole team so everyone gets to indulge in some treats together, and we post Halloween pictures of both our own costumes and our kids’ costumes to the company message board on Yammer. It may be a virtual Halloween celebration, but it’s fun nonetheless!”

Sara Sutton, founder & CEO of FlexJobs

Finally, our fearless Tech Cocktail leaders, COO Jen Consalvo and CEO Frank Gruber along with Tech Cocktail writer Wolfgang Wolfdog went with the Peter Pan theme as they turned Halloween night in downtown Las Vegas into Neverland.

Lead image credit: due.chiacchiere

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