If Your Company Doesn’t Have a Mobile Strategy, You’ve Already Lost

June 2, 2017

12:20 pm

Staying alive in the business world is no easy feat. With perpetually shifting trends and new platforms to master, the ability to keep up is perhaps the most valuable asset a startup can possess. Whether your tracking social media algorithms or brushing up on your web design best practices, continuous learning is the key to success for any budding startup. But if you haven’t made mobile a priority at this point, you might be too far beyond to catch up.

Study after study has shown that people are transition to mobile faster than ever. According to the Zenith Media Consumption Forecasts, 71 percent of all internet consumption has gone mobile, leading to a global effort to make this the main means of communicating with potential customers through the web.

“Desktop consumption is now in decline as users switch to mobile devices,” wrote the authors of the study. “In 2015, mobile overtook desktop to become the primary means of accessing the internet, and this year we forecast that people across the world will spend on average 86 minutes a day using mobile internet, compared to 36 minutes using desktop internet.”

Not only is mobile growing, but other all other media are also in decline. According to the forecast, cinema, television, radio, newspapers, and magazines will all be used substantially less on a day to day basis by everyday consumers. Even when content has originated on these media, people are turning to mobile to consume it.

“Much of the time that consumers spend on the internet is devoted to consuming content that has been produced by traditional publishers and broadcasters,” wrote the authors of the study. “Traditional media owners have invested heavily in online brand extensions, and some of them have larger audiences online than they ever had for their offline products.”

That’s the key. Even if your company focuses on offline products, the ability to reach customers through their smartphones is a necessary skill set for success. It’s no longer an added bonus to your online strategy. It’s not an option that can be exercised at your leisure. Establishing your brand in a mobile context is now vital to the success of your company. So get on board, before it’s too late.

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