This Company Plans to Offer WiFi to Space Tourists

August 18, 2017

9:20 am

Ah, space: The final frontier for a billionaire’s vacation. But while the Mad Men-style space tourism of the 1960s never got off the ground, space tourism in the 2010s looks like a real possibility. And that means one thing: Space tourists will need their Internet connection so they can post their Snaps, stories and selfies to social media.

Space Tourism? Really?

Here’s how TechCo explained the entrepreneurship behind space tourism recently:

“In 2004, the man behind Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic (airline), Richard Branson, established Virgin Galactic to become “The World’s First Commercial Spaceline.” Since then, he has completed development of Spaceport America in New Mexico and has made significant advances with his SpaceShip Two vehicles.”

Back in April, Branson commented on his progress, saying

“I think I’d be very disappointed if we’re not into space with a test flight by the end of the year.”

And while retrofuture tourists would probably have been content to relax on a space station with a cigar and a glass of whiskey, today’s tourists need one essential vacation element: WiFi.

Getting Space WiFi

CEO M. Brian Barnett and VP Gary Ebersole are behind Solstar Space, the company building the infrastructure needed for space WiFi. The electronic assembly to do it is the Solstar Space Communicator, which will provide Internet once bolted inside a space capsule.

It’s not just for tourists: Reliable WiFi is a must for scientists, as well.

“He and his Solstar colleagues want to provide much-needed off-world connectivity for that burgeoning industry. Space tourists would be able to livestream their personal adventures or just email from on board their spacecraft, somewhat like what is available on many commercial airliners today,” an article from KRQE explained.

Scientists who are doing experiments in space often have large gaps in their ability to keep data flowing from their hardware and Solstar hopes to fill those gaps with its service.”

The company plans to eventually provide 24/7 service from launch to landing — including up to 70 miles above Earth — and is looking for investors now.

Read more about advancement in space travel at TechCo

Image: NASA

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