Comparing Australia to Silicon Valley

March 27, 2013

1:00 pm

Talk about excited – I’m heading to Silicon Valley in May as one of ten tech women from Australia on a study tour by Women in Focus to meet startups and entrepreneurs living and working in Silicon Valley.

Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams, CEO and founder of The Creative Collective

This is an absolute dream come true for me. Of course I read blogs, subscribe to RSS feeds, trawl social networks, and generally consume as much information as I can about technology and trends to apply to my own business or pass on to clients. But there is nothing like setting foot in a place where it “all happens” and shaking hands with a company you wish to build a strong and lasting connection with.

In the past couple of years, it’s been interesting to observe a real onslaught of American people heading to the Land of Oz (i.e., Australia). Whether they are enticed by lucrative contracts or fleeing mounting debts, the tax man, or a poor US economy is anyone’s guess. But when it comes to the aspirations of people in the technology industry in Australia, I can tell you that we certainly “look up” to the leaders in Silicon Valley’s startup venture capital and tech space.

I’ve been joking around for a while in my local area – the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – that perhaps we should position ourselves as “Silicon Beach.” After all, we have stunning beaches and many high-potential tech companies popping up here.

There are similarities between the infamous Silicon Valley and our yet-to-be-famous Silicon Beach. The climate is fairly temperate year-round, we have easy access to amazing beaches, we’re close to a hedonistic haven (Las Vegas/Gold Coast) and an international airport (San Fran/Brisbane), and we have a well-established university that fuels the startup scene.

I’ll no doubt continue to draw similarities and differences the whole trip (I plan to blog and vlog as I go, and would love you to follow my journey). My end goal is to bring home many ideas from this tour that will help me shape my company, and Australia’s digital future.

Guest author Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur who has started five businesses from scratch, the first being a newspaper when she was just 17, and two of which she has since sold. She is the founder and owner of The Creative Collective, a creative agency offering website design & development, social media, SEO, PPC, emarketing, marketing, and PR, as well as an extensive array of training including webinars, BYO-laptop trainings, and more. A multi-award winning businesswoman, her latest online business is – an online portal for business owners wanting to find business awards they may be able to enter. You can follow her trip on any of her social networks: @yradams, @creativecollect,, or Linkedin.

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