Find Business Apps Your Peers Love at Comparz

November 28, 2011

11:30 am

A Boston-based startup wants to make it easier and less frustrating for you to find web-based business apps that actually do what they say they will and become a valuable, go-to source of information.

Billing themselves as a Yelp or Trip Advisor for B2B apps, Comparz lets you search a number of categories for apps, from accounting to social media marketing. Their user interface focuses on detailed reviews that rate and rank the apps.  So you don’t have to sort through a million apps, they have included a “top 5” in each category.

The reviews I looked up were helpful.  You can see the date the review was submitted, fairly detailed reviews, and 3 categories that share what features the user is satisfifed with, what they purchased it for, and what they recommend it for.

Comparz doesn’t stop at ratings, though, because they understand that a lot of directories can only add to the confusion of what to choose.  If 3 CRMs each get 4 star ratings, which one should you choose?  To solve that problem and help with decision-making, Comparz put together detailed guides that cover each business app category.

To stay up-to-date on apps, learn more about them, and keep track of trends, Comparz has a very active blog that lets you easily search by subject (Saas, The Cloud, All-in-One Marketing, etc.).

I really like the site – the only drawback so far is number of reviews.  When I looked up CRMs, for example, the top rank (5 stars!) went to BatchBook – with only 3 reviews.  Look up email marketing, and the top rank there (for MailChimp) has 12 reviews.  Once Comparz gains more traction and draws more users, the rankings will be more credible.

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