Concerned About Privacy? Send Messages with Quickie

March 8, 2015

10:00 am

Privacy is an important issue for everyone – even the VIPs from Hollywood like to have their private stronghold, so it comes as no surprise that the regular Joe likes to keep some things secret as well. And if some decades ago that was somewhat easy to achieve, at least for regular (not-VIP) people, the rise of the Internet came to blur that safety.

Social networks, email providers, messaging apps… There are numerous reports stating that some of these apps or services like to have access to they are not supposed to. People are becoming more and more concerned about their privacy, and some private messaging apps have already been covered here on Tech.Co.

Quickie is yet another app for people with privacy in mind, but completely different from its competitors. This difference lies on how messaging is handled: they are sent (and received) as push notifications, not being stored on any server or the app itself (both on the sender and on the receiver).

Quickie messaging app

This means that the message is not stored anywhere, so as soon as the user swipes it from the screen, it is gone. Just like that. Of course, this is not a recommendable way to send or receive informations that you intend to consult later, but it surely is a safe way to maintain your privacy.

Quickie obviously works with text, but also supports drawing, GIFs, and audio, which can be sent instantaneously. If unseen, the notifications will sit on the receiver’s phone for 24 hours, time after which they vanish irreversibly. You are probably thinking that it is easy to take a screenshot of the notification – but it is not, as it will disappear before a screenshot can be taken.

Quickie is available for download from App Store – not to be confused with QUICKIE.

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