Connected Casebook Brings the Power of the Cloud to Law Studies

January 27, 2016

12:30 pm

Traditionally, law students have been required to buy all of their needed casebooks and lug them around whenever they needed to study or examine a case. The Wolters Kluwer’s Legal Education Program had some issues with this, however, and came up with a groundbreaking solution for students of law to read, study, and outline these books. It really goes to show that technology is infiltrating almost every sector, including that of law law studies.

The program, Connected Casebook, allows students to purchase their casebooks from them, in either hardback or loose leaf version. They also offer a rental program that allows the students to rent the book for a lower cost, as long as the return the book after rental term. All of that is standard-fare, however, the real value comes in Connected Casebook which allows students and teachers to access a cloud-based platform where they can receive the digital version of their casebook. The digital version can be accessed from anywhere, any time from your computer or tablet.

connectedcasebook main

This cloud-based solution allows Connected Casebook to offer quite a few tools to help students. They revolve around three main aspects: Read, Study, and Outline.

With Read, students have access to complete eBook version of their casebook. It uses the same page numbers as the physical book, so switching over to digital is of no effort and also has a “search” feature that allows you to search the entirety of the casebook. There are also tools that allow you highlight text and take notes in the margins.

With Study, students gain access to research materials such as “Examples and Explanations,” “Law in a Flash,” and the Glannon Guides. Students can also gauge their progress by taking example tests and then tracking the results through the Study Center to see where strengths and weaknesses lie.

The final piece, Outline, allows students to compile your notes, add new notes, and build a course outline. From there, one can export the outlines to Microsoft Word.

connected casebook outline

Having to haul around casebooks every time you need to study can become inconvenient. Being able to access your casebook through Connected Casebook not only allows students the opportunity to study when and where they want, but also gives them some powerful tools to take better notes and better equip themselves for upcoming tests and cases.


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