Connecting After the Event: LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

September 19, 2007

4:39 pm

I just wanted to remind all of you TECH cocktailers out there that we do have a couple of ways for you to stay in touch and interact with the group in between events.

First off we have a LinkedIn group (currently 493 members strong) which you can join by following this link. The LinkedIn group will allow you to get in touch with anyone in the group directly (unless of course that person has changed their settings in such a way that won’t allow that) and, since we maintain only one LinkedIn group, you will also have the added benefit of getting in touch with other folks from our other cities (Chicago, D.C. and Boston).

Second – and last – we have a group on Facebook (currently 293 members strong). Please check it out when you have a chance and join up. We’re currently trying to figure out how we can make this group more useful so please do comment on this post or send an e-mail to eric [at] with any idea you have on the subject. Again, this is a city agnostic group so it will allow people in all cities to get to know each other.

To continue on with the feedback theme we would love any feedback you have on other ways we can keep people interacting in between events. Again, commenting on this post or e-mailing eric [at] is the way to get your voice heard. We work hard to make sure that TECH cocktail adds value for you and we will be able to do a better job of that if we have more feedback so please don’t be shy.

OK, carry on!

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