Continuous Integration Made Simple with cisimple

May 2, 2013

5:11 pm

The fall 2012 AngelPad class was home to cisimple, as they began their mission to develop a continuous integration platform designed specifically for mobile development.

Kevin Rohling and David Justice decided the world could use a platform for automating builds, test executions, and beta distribution to help developers locate and respond to problems quickly. Below, Rohling spells all that out in plainer English.

Tech Cocktail: Give us a brief description of cisimple.

Kevin Rohling: Cisimple is a service created to automate the continuous testing, building, and deployment of mobile applications and software development kits (SDKs).

I was working with a mobile printing app when I realized I needed a dedicated continuous integration (CI) server. Unfortunately, there was nothing of the sort available anywhere.

Thus, cisimple was conceived, and ultimately designed, as a monthly subscription service that is completely based in the cloud.

Tech Cocktail: What problem does cisimple solve?

Rohling: Every time somebody wants to use CI on an app in development, they have to set up a new CI server. This takes a lot of time, and it clogs the build, test, deploy pipeline when something fails or breaks down along the way.

We set up cisimple as a dedicated server so developers can avoid setting new, individual servers up every time they need one.

Build-and-test solutions help development teams maintain quality as their team grows and products become more complex. With cisimple, developers can set up a solution in just a matter of minutes.

Tech Cocktail: Would you mind digging into the technical aspects a bit?

Rohling: When a developer signs up for our service, we can monitor their work. That is, every time a developer makes a change to the source code of their project, we at cisimple see the change, and we recompile their data.

Since we operate on cloud systems, everything is instantaneous. We can take their source code, turn it into an application, and automatically run a test on it to determine if anything is broken.

Should anything be broken, developers are notified immediately. We can let them know their build no longer works, or we can point them to a specific broken area.

If everything passes the build-and-test processes, we can automatically push it down to your personal device, or your customers’ devices. It leaves developers the opportunity to focus wholly on their projects.

Tech Cocktail: Who are some of your competitors, and what sets you apart?

Rohling: Hosted-CI focuses on mobile, but they will only support iOS upon release. BuildHive offers nice integration with Github, but offers no support for mobile platforms. 

What sets us apart is our focus on addressing the entire pipeline – build, test, and deploy. We stick by focusing heavily on mobile because it will allow us to solve painful issues specific to mobile development in the future.

Cisimple was featured at Tech Cocktail’s San Francisco Mixer and Startup Showcase this past September. 

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