How to Use Coupons to Create Revenue For Your Ecommerce Business

August 15, 2016

12:30 pm

Many small business owners are intimidated by coupons. People often think of them as another complicated element to an already elaborate business. However, the benefits are well-documented and missing out on potential ecommerce revenue because you’re afraid of a little complication is one of the worst decisions you can make as an entrepreneur.

But what kind of benefits? Take a look at what coupons can do for your business when you utilize them correctly.

Acquire Customers

Coupons are commonly used to target new customers directly. Offering attractive and appealing deals to customers can persuade them to do business with your company rather than their competitors. Discounts and deals will help the customers in getting best price and allow them to save money. This will not only lead to more revenue but will also foster brand loyalty with your company.

Increase Revenue Per Transaction

Deals like “buy one and get one free” and “save $5 on your 50$ purchase” are good for the customers and business as well. They allow the companies to increase the revenue per transaction, while saving customers money. You compel customers to spend a certain amount of money, and it ensures that the retailers get to earn money as well. It is, by all definitions, a win-win.

Sell Products Faster

If you have a good distribution strategy, and you make the right offer, then deals and discounts will effectively increase the speed of selling the products. The presence of internet has made it easier to get your offers to go viral. The more attractive the offer is, the more customers will be tempted to buy the products. The skilled retailers understand the relationship between the discount percentage and speed of sales.

Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is critical to the success of a business. Ecommerce businesses mostly use coupons to increase the traffic of websites. It increases the sales and is also good for SEO and advertising. There are third party sites that sell online coupons so you can get even more traffic through these deals. You can find coupons for almost every big online store on a number of sites. In fact, all big ecommerce sites are using coupons to increase their sales as well as web traffic.

Decrease Advertising Cost

Coupons are just another form of publicity and marketing. They help in building a good brand position. The brand is advertised as generous, competitive and affordable. Coupons should be distributed through proper channels. If you aren’t taking advantage of the many benefits brought on big using coupons, you are missing out on more business than you know.


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