Create Reason Inspires Innovation and Keeps Your Team Engaged

November 25, 2014

7:00 am

Over 70% of US employees are disengaged at their job and over 50% are currently looking for new jobs. This costs companies $550 Billion annually in rehiring, retaining, and lost productivity according to the team at Create Reason.

Create Reason solves this problem by working with their clients to understand where their company has been and where they want it to go in terms of employee engagement. They then build a plan to get the organization’s employees engaged and enable the company to thrive. Plans include workshops, cross-functional meetings, and “Creation Jams”, each customized to the needs of the client.

“People are best when they pursue passion and are invested on all levels in what they are working on. We want to help companies redefine what work looks like.” says Max Farrell, a Co-Founder of Create Reason.

The goal of Create Reason is to significantly improve the way the world works. They feel a big part of that is making organizations understand that profit isn’t the only goal; “mission-driven organizations will win the day”, Farrell goes on to say. In other words, companies need to keep their mission front-and-center and their teams working towards it.

Similar to how he described his organization, Farrell had concise and powerful answers to our questions:

If you had an extra $1000 for marketing how would you use it?

“I’d take the $1000 and split it five ways. I’d tell the CEOs of our top 5 prospects that we’ll donate $200 to the nonprofit of their choice for 15 minutes of their time. And then go close deals.”

What keeps you motivated?

“The vision. We’ve got a smart team, amazing family / friends / loved ones rooting for us and a drive that will push through hard things”

What keeps your team motivated?

“Goals are the biggest thing — setting them constantly and in small doses. Not setting them sooner was a mistake. We always need to have something to strive for instead of building aimlessly.”

What’s Your Best Personality Trait?

“Hustle. Being scrappy, finding workarounds and being relentless are qualities that keep pushing the needle forward. The hardest thing to do is start and then keep optimizing. Hustlers fight through it all.“

Why should companies use your product?

“Because companies can always be better and operate in new ways. The talent internally is the key [and] we create reason to make it happen.”

If your startup were a cocktail what would it be?

“We’re a bar. We’ll give you what you need. “

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