Creating a New Startup EcoSystem in Dallas

December 29, 2014

2:30 pm

Currently, the “community feeling” within startups is found in co-working spaces or at events. However, one San Francisco developer is changing the community game in Dallas for good by laying the groundwork for a startup ecosystem.

Mike Sarimsakci of Alto Partners is creating a two-part development in downtown Dallas to change the way the community connects, interacts, and gets business done. Instead of just having one space with a few companies organized by a solo leader, Sarimsakci’s Alto 211 building will house 18 floors of startups and technology companies with an “everyone’s a leader” mentality.

Nile Tuzun, of Nile Brand – designer for Alto Partners – is focused on “building personal relationships with our tenants though open door policies and creating an overall campus lifestyle.”   

Since July, the building’s been filling up with Dallas companies including;

Fort Work: an open to all co-working space full of everyone from artist to technology professionals. 

Tech Wildcatters: A technology accelerator that invests time, money, and resources in B2B startups.

LaunchDFW: Texas’ only community-driven organization that supports and promotes tech entrepreneurship.

Velocis: Velocis partners with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and enterprises to build amazing products & services powered by the Internet.

The tenants know each other not just by a “’sup” in the elevators but rather personally – spending time during the day interacting on each others’ floors, bonding over the amenities the building offers (such as yoga), or working together collaboratively building both community and businesses in Dallas.

Alto Partners are also concerned with the times when their tenants are not working – which is where Alto 500 comes into play. A mere 6 blocks from the Sarimsakci-dubbed “tech mecca”, Alto 500 will serve as a residence for entrepreneurs, startups, and tech gurus to lay their heads, at night or during the day. Alto 500 will also feature numerous hospitality venues and a Marriott concept.  

This new startup ecosystem in Dallas will hopefully spark more across the country – because a true community can take a business and a person a long way.

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