Creating the Perfect Logo for Your Tech Startup

December 13, 2014

4:00 pm

Initially, you may think the logo of your tech startup is a relatively small part of the overall marketing plan. However, that crucial graphic can help build favorable impressions of your company in the minds of your audience. Besides, the logo will almost certainly figure into most of your marketing materials, such as your website, business cards and letterheads, so it’s important to not wait too long before creating one that sends the kind of message you want. Keep reading to get tips for doing that with style and skill.

Build a Design That Reflects What Your Company Does

spotify logoApple’s Safari browser logo is a compass, while the one for streaming music service Spotify features radiating black soundwaves against a neon green background. Both of those examples show how easy it can be to use a logo to give important hints about the purpose of your tech startup.

Spotify sends sounds to users, while Safari helps people navigate the Internet. Of course, you’ll have to use other methods to more deeply describe the specifics of what makes your startup special, but the logo is a great way to give clues, and, in turn, spark interest, or at least avoid ambiguity.

Don’t Be Afraid of Boldness When It’s Appropriate

If your startup is related to the legal or finance industries, you may not want to have a logo that pushes boundaries. However, if you’re trying to capture a youthful demographic or demonstrate how your startup offers a fresh take on a common concept, the logo is a great excuse to let your creativity run free in ways that might raise eyebrows with some people but earn nods of appreciation from most of your target audience.

Experiment with using contrasting colors, cool fonts and imagery to get your point across and stand out from the crowd. It’s especially important to do that if you are offering a product that already has a lot of competition and you feel people may not be immediately compelled to explore why your startup is different from what’s already out there.

Give it a Double Meaning

Some of the best logos out there have double meanings, where it takes a couple looks to get the hidden message. We all know about the FedEx arrow and Goodwill smile, but there are tons of other great logos out there that have double meanings. One of the best ones is AquaPhoenix, with their water droplet slash flying phoenix.

aqua phoenix logo

It can be tricky to come up with a good double-design logo, but when you do, you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes just the company logo itself is enough to stir conversation and get people interested.

Make it Leap Off the Page

Image: Factory Business3-D films are huge box office draws, and similarly, three-dimensional logos can be big hits with people who love visually distinctive logos. However, as you can imagine, they aren’t easy to create without experience, especially since lighting affects the outcome of these logos. If you’re seriously interested in a 3-D logo, look through online galleries for inspiration, and then consider hiring a professional who’s up to the challenge. If you choose carefully, you could become the proud owner of a truly amazing 3-D logo for your startup.

Think With a Long-Term Mindset

The Apple iTunes logo is a great example of one that has remained largely the same for several years, but has a background color that usually changes with each significant update. That makes it good to use for years, which is ideal since so many millions of people around the world are now familiar with the logo since they see it every day when browsing through their MP3 libraries. Try taking an approach that allows you to do the same by keeping the foundational elements of the logo in place but changing a minor characteristic when your tech startup goes through a major change.

Hopefully these tips will help you confidently brainstorm possibilities for your startup’s logo, then, even more importantly, start eagerly creating potential versions that are visually pleasing and able to meet your expectations.

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