Creative Advice for Foursquare

July 20, 2010

12:13 am

As a creative agency founder and an entrepreneur I wanted to share my thoughts on how Foursquare will work in the future. It started as a rant about how to improve Foursquare, moved to IM, email, Twitter and Facebook discussions with friends and colleagues, and has evolved into an explanation of how Google and Facebook will rule the world. I decided to turn it into a slide presentation which I have included below (and which I continue to tweak as more feedback is given and as the ideas marinate a little more).

My working title is “Why Foursquare Sucks” not because I don’t like the platform — my team and I use and work with Foursquare daily (I have nearly 300 checkins and JESS3 has a number of projects in the works with their team, one of which launched just last month with C-SPAN). Rather, it is my belief that if you are going to take take the time to take a stand, you might as well bring informed thought, passion, conviction and the voices of others — and an eye-catching title that gets to the heart of the issue: I have to take time from having fun to look down and checkin. And that sucks.

Check out the presentation below, share with others and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. While I know really smart people are working hard on these issues at Foursquare, Facebook, Google and many other companies, (heck, Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley tweeted me to let me know himself), I think that we can continue to push the thinking and improve geosocial for all the players — platforms and users alike.
What Sucks About Foursquare Today

Editor’s Note: This article and presentation was prepared by Jesse Thomas of JESS3 a creative agency based in the Washington, D.C. area. You can follow Jesse on Twitter at: @JESS3. Full disclosure: JESS3 works directly with Facebook, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, Gowalla and, yes, Foursquare — all of whom are mentioned in presentation above.

Photo Attribution: Foursquare pins and Tattoos by Nan Palmero

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Jesse Thomas is the CEO and Founder of JESS3. A creative interactive agency specializing in UX and data visualization. Follow him on Twitter at: @jessethomas

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