Every Athlete Deserves Jeans That Fit Perfectly

November 12, 2015

9:00 pm

No question, there are a million perks you get from being in shape and athletic: increased strength and speed, heart health, and a decreased risk for diseases like diabetes. That should be motivation enough, but there’s always one other benefit that trumps all others: you look damn good.

Athletes work incredibly hard to build their bodies, but because traditional clothing caters to the general population it can be difficult to find clothes that show off an athletic figure. This is especially true when it comes to selecting a pair of jeans.

Most crossfitters, skiers, cyclist, and weightlifters are forced to buy jeans that are too big in the waist in order to accommodate their calves, thighs, and glutes – I’ve been in this situation and it’s no bueno. Further, this sizing discrepancy can inhibit range of motion, which actually increases risk of injury, like joint, muscle, and nerve damage.

That’s where Crosslifter comes in though. They’ve effectively engineered an entire line of custom jeans for athletes that fuse fashion and tech to produce a singular fit for every person’s body.

“As crossfitters, we spend a lot of time training hard, working on our bodies, and improving our skills. For this reason, we understand the needs of other athletes – skiers, cyclists, weightlifters – who can’t find jeans that make them look good. We believe athletes who train hard deserve to wear custom-fit, high quality jeans,” says Chris Trebski, CEO and founder of Crosslifter.


While other companies may design clothes inspired by athletic proportions, Crosslifter engineers custom jeans with the understanding that no two athletes are alike. The company’s streamlined ordering process makes it easy for customers to properly measure their dimensions and enter them with their orders.

For even better measuring and accuracy, Crosslifter’s corresponding iPad app offers a built in body scanner that automatically captures customers’ measurements and submits the necessary data. Once a client’s measurements are captured, Crosslifter’s system will recommend the readymade size that best fits an individual’s physique. If there isn’t one, they’ll offer the option to order custom made jeans.


After months of intensive product testing Trebski has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign. He’s estimating that the first wave of custom jeans will be shipped to backers in December, just in time for the holidays.

Image Credit: Crosslifter PR team

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