Cubic Transportation Systems Heads Down Under, Mate

May 13, 2015

9:00 pm

Deputy Premier and Queensland Minister for Transport Jackie Thad recently launched a new system down under (read: in Australia) that enables NextBus to go live on thousands of bus and ferry services. And given the recent news surrounding foreign public transportation, it’s no surprise that Cubic Transportation Systems is once again at the heart of this initiative.

The San Diego based company says that NextBus, a real time passenger information system, has undergone a major expansion in South East Queensland. This new integration will allow commuters to accurately track their bus and ferry services on their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

Cubic has replaced more than 2,500 driver console units with new devices on buses run by 19 transport operators. These new units use GPS combined with mobile communications to track the exact location and movements of services: updates are sent to the TransLink website every 30 seconds. Or, as the team says, they’re taking the guesswork out of public transportation.

“It’s clear that the rollout has been a success and that drivers and customers alike have embraced the system,” says Jim Perry, CEO of the Transit Australia Group (TAG). “We look forward to working with TransLink and Cubic in the future to maximize the benefits that NextBus can bring to the design and operation of our networks and, ultimately, the customer experience.”

This rollout across the TransLink system follows last year’s trial on the Sunbus bus network, which is owned by TAG. What this proves is that TAG isn’t afraid of being an early adopter of progressive technologies, in particular those that provide significant benefit to the traveling customer.

“When we were asked to be the lead operator in the NextBus rollout, I did not hesitate to throw my support behind it,” Perry says. “In addition to the obvious benefit to the people utilizing our services, NextBus has provided another level of insight and analysis to our operations. The real-time access to data, and the ability to see each and every vehicle on our networks at any given time, has allowed a closer and more efficient relationship to develop between management, operations control, and drivers, and ultimately, to enhance the customer experience.”

According to Tom Walker, the Cubic Transportation Systems Australasian managing director, this first deployment of the NextBus system outside of North America is a major landmark for the company.

“We are delighted that Queensland is playing a leading role in delivering on a key component of Cubic’s NextCity strategy – the integration and application of payment, traveler information and operational analytics to regional transport networks around the globe,” says Walker.

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