St. Louis Based Cultivation Capital Invests $500,000 in Life Sciences

August 19, 2014

7:30 pm

Yesterday the St. Louis powerhouse Cultivation Capital announced that they will be investing $500,000 in Molecular Sensing, Inc. (MSI). The life sciences company is commercializing an industry changing solution for drug discovery, which grabbed the attention of Cultivation Capital.

MSI has developed a new technique called backscattering interferometry (BSI) that is based on the principle that light slows down and scatters in solution when drug molecules interact with drug targets. New drug development finds new molecules that interact with the target in the body that usually functions abnormally when diseased.

By shooting a laser through a sample and measuring how the light scatters after passing through it, MSI can determine molecular binding between a new drug candidate and the target molecule. Dr. William Rich, CEO of MSI, sees the tremendous applications potential for effectively transforming drug discovery.

“We are working towards accelerating drug development projects by providing the best technology to characterize drug interactions with complex targets quickly and cost effectively”, says Dr. Rich.

This round of capital marks the seventh investment made by the Cultivation Capital Life Sciences fund.

“Cultivation Capital sees serious opportunity in this investment. MSI leverages its advances in the biotech sphere to strengthen their business strategy,” says Cultivation Capital General Partner Rick Ryan. “They offer drug discovery services to pharmaceutical companies, and soon they will begin shipping their BSI technology directly.”

The hope is that MSI has been positioned well enough to generate significant revenue over the next two to three years. The current investment by Cultivation Capital will go towards continued service expansion and R&D.


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