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July 30, 2011

4:00 pm

Everything we do online is tracked.  It’s really creepy if you think about it.  But for someone who does a lot of online shopping like me, knowing your shopping history is floating around out there is scary.  Yes, you can get better recommendations, but your tastes and preferences are also really exposed to anyone and everyone.

Montreal-based startup Buyosphere has created a very elegant tool that allows you to have more control over that information.  You can organize, share, and track how you influence others – check out co-founder Tara Hunt’s profile here.

As you can see on Tara’s profile, you can curate collections of products, find interesting products through friends, and ultimately establish yourself as a tastemaker.  You can also opt-in to receive deals and offers from the brands you like.

While I do think Buyosphere is a great way to organize your wish list, and though I do love to shop, I don’t know if I would use it.  I just bought a bunch of stuff from companies I already really like last week.  Now when I am online, I see ads from them. Do I want to share what I am coveting with my friends?  Wouldn’t I just do that on Facebook if I were so inclined? But I can see the benefit of having all my “wants” in one place, as over time they are lost in the continuous Facebook news feed.

What do you think – would you curate products you love on Buyosphere?

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