Curated Creative Crowdsourcing: A No Spec Model?

January 14, 2010

1:09 am



I just sat down to chat with Peter LaMotte a long time TECH cocktail DC supporter. Peter has been working at GeniusRocket, a DC-based startup, on a new type of curated crowdsourcing that focuses on helping brands and agencies to find the diamonds in the rough. We discussed “crowdsourcing” in general last time we were at SXSW after the great Is Spec Work Evil? debate which include another crowdsourcing startuo, CrowdSpring, a longtime TECH cocktail Chicago supporter. But with the recent launch of GRSelect we rekindled the bloody “crowdsourcing” debate.

The term “crowdsourcing” has caught on so much that it is now a catchall for lots of different crowd driven activities online and off. This makes it difficult to distinguish what makes one crowdsourcing initiative different than another. GRSelect is focused on creating “curated crowdsourcing” for brands and agencies. It’s an alternative, no spec solution, eliminating content production prior to selection and connecting brands directly to a “select” group of artists with a proven track record. This type of crowdsourcing is currently being made available for interactive video campaigns and commercials. GRSelect starts at $30K and increases based on how many videos you plan on sourcing.

“With crowdsourcing creative content, there is often a 80/20 quality rule, yet by curating the process prior to production we can focus only on the 20 percent.” Peter said about the breakdown of quality that users of most creative crowdsourced services can expect to receive.

Crowdsourcing for quality content is now king and brands and agencies are able to save time by having access to a vetted crowd of high quality artists and creatives.

With curated creative crowdsourcing do the rich creatives just get richer? Great question. On one hand, because overall costs are lower, it creates more opportunity that could be spread out amongst more creatives. On the other hand, the most talented designers will likely get the lions-share of the work time after time. It will be interesting to see how this new curated crowdsourcing dynamic affects the creative and interactive communities. What do you think?

Editors Note: GRSelect is also hiring, so if you are looking check out this TECH cocktail Job Board posting for a marketing community manager.

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