From The Web To Your Closet Custom Made With Clifton Charles

November 18, 2010

11:31 pm

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” -Mark Twain

Never underestimate the influence of a piece of clothing, especially a fine fitting one. It could be the difference between looking sharp and looking shabby. That is where New York-based startup Clifton Charles can help. Clifton Charles was founded in 2008 by Clifton C. Berry and Wayne Taitt with idea of bringing custom shirts to you via the web, at under market value prices and in industry leading time. With Clifton Charles you can get a custom made shirt for just $100 a piece. The company accomplishes this by cutting out the middleman and delivering shirts straight from the manufacturer to your door.

“We just don’t want to get you a shirt, but a shirt that fits AND flatters you.” said Co-Founder Clifton C. Berry.

Clifton Charles leverages technology from several aspects. First, how the shirts are ordered (both online or in-person at one of the Clifton Charles “Measuring Events” across the county via iPad. Secondly, they use a “custom-made” ERP and CRM system. They also have a recommendation engine built into the site where users can get recommendations on shirts and fabrics. Algorithmically, Clifton Charles takes into account other factors like the shape of your face, the color of your hair and eyes, how you commute to work, what hand you wear your watch on, and determine the best shirt fit for you. So they ask you a lot of phenotypical, personal, and environmental questions to take a holistic view to deliver a customized experience and product. Though they started just creating custom made shirts to order online, Clifton Charles will soon start offering custom made suits and ties too, thanks to the positive response to the shirt line and driven by customer demand.

Clifton C. Berry was formerly in the insurance industry and has attended many Tech Cocktail events in Chicago as far back as 2006 (always the best dressed). So we are extremely excited to have him on hand showing off his entrepreneurial endeavors over four years later as we host our first New York event. Come meet the team behind Clifton Charles and even get measured for some new threads at Tech Cocktail NYC on Friday, November 19th in Union Square at Bar 13.

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