Why Customer Service Teams of the Future Will Rely on Chatbots

June 7, 2017

10:50 am

Last week, I wrote on Mary Meeker’s massively influential 355-slide Internet Trends report. More specifically, on one big trend it has confirmed, the move towards voice tech. But the world of type is far from over, and in fact is still ahead of voice. It faces its own problem, the need to automate.

While voice has been on the rise as an interface, people still prefer typing their queries, which means enterprises will be forced to boost their search technology to meet customer expectations. Inbenta, a company in the artificial intelligence space, believes that chatbots will offer an easier access to support and a faster agent response time that those in the customer service industry are looking for. Here’s what John Forrester, Chief Marketing Officer at Inbenta, had to say on the issue.

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Customer Service Is Getting Tougher

First, Forrester notes that the task of keeping customers happy isn’t getting any easier. That issue is likely worse for many startups, since they tend to scale as quickly as possible, and customer service is one area that a company can’t easily handle.

“As obvious as it sounds,” Forrester said, “consumers are getting pickier every year and their intolerance toward brands with poor customer experience is growing. In fact, 82 percent said they stopped doing business with a company after a bad experience. This is very interesting statistic from Mary Meeker’s report as it shows what a tough situation businesses are in. The cost to provide high quality customer service is growing every year, and the cost to lose customers is very high.

So naturally, companies are turning to technology solutions like chatbots to help solve the problem. More cost efficiently create better customer experiences and utilize their existing contact center staff more effectively for more complex customer support situations.”

The Best Online Support? Chatbots

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, 60 percent of customers want easier access to online support channels.

“This means,” Forrester says of this high percentage, that “they are sick of keyword-based search technologies burying the answers to their questions and customer support portals that are difficult to navigate and hide the contact support phone numbers and chat functions. With chatbots, companies don’t have to hide answers; they can provide answers on every single page of their website.

In addition, since 53 percent want faster agent response times, chatbots can provide them with instant response and 24×7 access.”

In order to continue growing in 2017, Forrester says, companies will need to invest further in their customer support teams, and that’s looking more and more like an investment in chatbot technology.

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