Why You Should Get a Job in Customer Service Before Launching a Startup

June 15, 2017

6:30 pm

With any product or service you are going to deal with customers and their complaints. In order to gain a better understanding of people and deal with conflict resolution, one founder suggests for you to get a job in a certain area.

Chris Van Dusen, CEO of Parcon Media, works with clients all day long building their digital media campaigns. His early job experience dealing with many types of customers has helped him deal with client issues much easier.

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What’s the single best piece of business advice that helped shape you as a founder?

Get a job in customer service or sales and shake as many people’s hands as possible. One of the best experiences you can have is a job where you interact with people from many walks of live with very different motivations. You will get to experience conflict resolution and success merchandising, and begin to understand why people make decisions and what can influence those decisions. This will help you be a better leader, manager and product creator.

What are your top lessons learned?

Having cofounders. (I am sure they say the same about me.) If you decided to start a business with someone else, make sure you’re aligned. I don’t just mean on the company mission but life, family, work ethic, vision, goals, scale and everything else. And make sure you are continually checking in to stay aligned. Nothing creates resentment and tears a company apart faster than co-founders starting to run down their own paths with their own priorities.

What is your top advice to founders?

Prioritize health — without that, you can’t do anything. This can mean going for a run, going to the gym, etc. Just make time for physical activity.

How do you define success?

The definition of success for me is freedom. The freedom to work on the projects I want with the people I want. The ability to provide opportunities for my family, friends and those that need it. I am successful if I can wake up each day with purpose and the ability to make an impact. As it relates to a company, I think success is measured in milestones, not a finite end.

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