Cypherr: The Professional Platform and Network for Musicians

October 5, 2014

2:00 pm

Call it a professional network and music platform for up-and-coming musicians. Cypherr will change the way musicians reach fans with their new platform, extensive list of features and ability to connect professionals in the industry.

“Cypherr is an interactive platform that allows musicians to connect with fans,compete with other musicians, host their own tour (optional), and digitally submit demo records to music executives,” according to a release.

The decrease in record sales isn’t a new phenomenon, but more people are listening and downloading music online, which means musicians need to continue to reach listeners across various platforms. According to a release, Cypherr will allow artists to upload, stream, download, share music content, schedule local tours, as well as submit content to management or executives from the convenience of their own home.

“Artists will soon be able to schedule their own tours as opposed to going through a middleman who may earn more profit than the artist themselves,” says Antonio Srado the CEO and Founder of Cypherr.

Here’s what first time users should know about Cypherr:

  • Network with Industry Professionals: Networking is important, especially in the music industry – Cypherr helps musicians build and maintain those relationships.
  • Seek and Accept Request From Competitors: According to the site, “Cypherr provides musicians with the connection to compete in the real world of music. Users are able to request a competition or accept competition from others.”
  • Create Playlists and Rate Music: “Cypherr allows you to create music playlist for any occasion at anytime,” reads and excerpt on their site.

With plans to BETA test in the coming months, users should expect the following features during the company’s first phase of development: a performance dashboard, access to playlist creation, artist and event/tour creation, profile statistic page and an explore page where fans can stream ads-free music.

“Scoring a 360-deal and earning millions was the dream for independent artists during the last decade. However, due to technological advancements, downloading music has become second nature, record sales decreased, and most artists began relying on local performances to make ends meet,” says Paris Viore, Cypherr’s lead advisor.

Srado says future plans also include incorporating an interactive mobile app to play and rate music, which will allow musicians to reply to proposals on the go. Also, he’s disclosed a hardware development phase, which includes incorporating 3-D printing technology to music production gadgets.

More about Cypherr and the Team

Srado is joined by Long Nu Nhan, the team’s event coordinator who is also trilingual in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. Viore is the team’s Lead Advisor and she has worked with hip hop artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and producers such as Rick Rubin, according to their site.

While the company is in its early stages, Cypherr will give musicians the right tools needed to succeed in the entertainment industry.

“Overall, the entrainment industry is always on the go. They are always attending events, promoting events and hosting tours,” says Srado. “Cypherr will bring convenience to those who really want to pursue music and understand how the industry has changed due to the evolution of technology.”

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