Cyrus Radfar: How do you Keep People Excited About Your Product?

November 28, 2014

11:00 pm

When Cyrus Radfar first got involved in the entrepreneurial world in 2004, the internet was a young, very different place. There were only 50 million domains, Google was the number five website in the world, and Britney Spears was the top search term.

Blog was the word of the year.

Radfar and his co-entrepreneurs had a mission to build a semantic web where everything, like web pages, talked to each other. Building feeds, sharing content across platforms – this, he believed, was a great idea. One day he went into a “very large company” (one which can’t be disclosed), to speak directly with an SVP of Media about his idea.

What if you could personalize the entire web to fit your tastes, they shared with the executive. He stopped them in their tracks, and in a fatherly sort of way, set them straight. Putting his arm around their shoulders, he cautioned them about all it was that they didn’t know and just couldn’t understand about this internet content thing: the content that he owned would never be shared anywhere else.

What they did was pivot slightly and built off of the pages-mentality of the time, designing add-ons for MySpace and other sites. Eventually they exploded, got funding, and moved into a big office.

Radfar shared these stories to inspire other entrepreneurs to understand that there will be ideas that are pre-market fit, and that when there is a will to make it fit, you will find a way. The hard part of all of this, and his future ventures, is maintaining high levels of excitement. If you can figure that out then you’re already winning.

Here’s the video:


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