Dabble: The Marketplace to Teach Your Passion [VIDEO]

December 18, 2015

10:30 am

Ever since I first saw Anchorman in theaters, the word dabble has been an extensive part of my vocabulary. For all of you who don’t know which scene I’m referencing, it’s when Veronica Corningstone asks if Ron Burgundy plays the jazz flute, and he says: “I dabble”, while expertly removing a beautiful flute from the arm of his jacket – pure gold.

The truth is, we all have hobbies and interests we dabble in, and there’s a startup based out of Chicago, IL that wants to help people strut their stuff for the world to see. Funny enough, it’s called Dabble, and we had the opportunity to speak with Jay Swoboda (CEO) and Devin Kidner (CMO) at Celebrate 2015 this year.

Dabble was built to be a marketplace by and for the community in whatever city or ecosystem it’s embedded in. They offer serious classes like programming, but the majority of the classes they offer are centered on scotch tasting, glass blowing, knife throwing, and other fun activities like that. The kicker is that everything is taught by people like you and me: individuals who have passions and want to share them.

It’s actually where Kidner got her start with Dabble. She was initially in a corporate role but taught butter making classes to kids at farmer’s markets. When a parent told her to put her butter making class on Dabble, Kidner started laughing because she didn’t think any sane adult would want to learn how to make butter. Wrong. Her first class sold out incredibly fast.

From there, she branched out into mixology courses because it was something she wanted to pursue more. Because Kidner was able to follow her passion and leverage a marketplace that welcomed curiosity, she actually won a national cocktail competition last year. And I think that’s what the people love most about Dabble as well: all it takes is you being passionate about one thing.

Here’s the full video:

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