DADO Labs: Simplification is the Key to The Internet of Things

January 7, 2015

8:00 pm

During the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, DADO Labs hosted an intimate event in Downtown Las Vegas to truly explain how The Internet of Things could be so very relevant to every consumer, and could exist in every household in America. Connected home and smart devices are definitely among the top topics at CES 2015, but beyond these early adopters, can #IoT be relevant and useful to middle America?

The challenge is broken down to this: Simplicity. Brands and innovators need to think about “the rest of us” in order to expect widespread adoption. Early adopters might be present at CES, but they can’t carry a market. “It’s gotta play in the midwest,” host Saul Colt shared, referring to the old TV adage.

Get out of the building,” any good startup adviser will tell you. When you ask how to get mass adoption of your product, you will find that consumers will reject even the best technology if it is not simplified. Christine Robins, CEO of Char-Broil, shared how this 130-year-old brand is building upon its existing relationships with consumers to guide them into the connected future.

“Consumers have rising expectations of The Internet of Things. It needs to be so easy and seamless to use,” Robins says. “Consumers don’t just want data. They want relevant – personally relevant – information in real time. Colleges are scrambling to develop data scientist programs – we need experts who will translate this data into useful information for consumers.”

“Simplicity is the most complex thing to design,” she adds, and a lot of #IoT companies tend to make things complicated. The Char-Broil brand, and the various names by which it has been known throughout the century, has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, and intends to keep that moving in the cooking arena. “At Char-Broil, we know cooking. We don’t know APIs.” So a partnership with DADO Labs and their custom software stack is an essential step in the process of nurturing consumers along into The Internet of Things.

“What it came down to was that the brands you know need to be more engaging on our platform,” confirmed DADO Labs founder and CEO Tom Worley.


Internet of Things cartoon

“Connected is one thing,” Robins said, sharing the above cartoon from Joy of Tech, “smart and engaging is another.”

To continue along the evolution of a smart, connected home that is simplified for every household, DADO Labs introduced the Behmor coffee roaster. “Roasting coffee is a fairly complex process,” Worley said. “The DADO platform simplifies that. Behmor sells a one-pound roaster to coffee geeks, and DADO simplifies it so that everyone can use it.”

Along those lines, the Saber Grill has also partnered with DADO to ensure one of the most key ingredients in barbecuing can be met: consistency. When you’re grilling, you’re usually trying to repeat a process that you’ve been able to produce in the past. DADO Labs brought Las Vegas local chef Ernie Loya of Big Ern’s BBQ onstage to confirm this.

“Every piece of meat is different, and you need to have consistency. You get a lot of fails without the consistency,” Big Ern advised. “I use separate technology to monitor meat, to train employees, to communicate with customers.” Big Ern said that finding all of this tech under one umbrella would be amazing, and Frank D’Andrea, VP of Technology for DADO Labs, agrees.

“A seamless, heads-up experience is our long-term vision,” D’Andrea says. All of this connectivity should be wrapped up together so that we’re not always staring at our phones to be connected. DADO Labs is constantly innovating upon their design of an architecture that is scalable on a software stack that doesn’t rely on heavyweight parts. Engaging the front-end user is how DADO Labs will bring all of your household appliances into the future.

“Moving away from physical interfaces on household devices is our big play,” he adds. After all, these interfaces wear out, but your smartphone can be updated quickly. So why not control everything from a second screen?



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