DADO Labs Makes Your Favorite Appliances Smart

January 28, 2015

8:00 am

Tom Worley is a long-time technologist, developer, and engineer. Back in 2010, he cofounded Tater Tot Design, bootsrapped its way through creating an Internet of Things platform, and now he is the President and CEO of DADO Labs. During CES 2015, DADO Labs presented an entire day of programming and introduction to companies and platforms powered by the Internet of Things. Worley shared with us some of the products he is most excited about; barbecue and coffee. Here’s a look at why.

“We connected with brands and started realizing that the connected space was going to be huge. The lessons we have learned about scalability and cost in that time showed that creating connectivity for the brands that already exist is our mission.”

DADO Labs has created a true smart-connected appliance platform that really focuses on the culinary space. The app interface that DADO Labs provides is customizable so that each brand can make it their own, but the real power lies in the back-end monitoring. It’s important in the culinary space to find out when your appliances are working correctly, and what repeatable routines you need to implement in order to get your food to turn out the way you want.

Worley shared the exciting coffee roasting product that Behmor has created. Even though roasting coffee is a complex process (you need to get a lot of things right: temperature, humidity, and time), Behmor produces a countertop machine for roasting a pound at a time. And to make sure that everyone can get this right, the DADO platform simplifies it. “Let’s simplify this for the masses,” Worley says. “We can put four or sixteen ounces in this, take it to the roasting level you want, cool it, and prepare your coffee.” The flavor of your coffee can be controlled by accessing this process with an app.

This DADO-enabled connectivity also allows you to find the recipes and suggestions of any personalities who might be partnered with these products – whether it’s grill recipes or recommended roast for your beans. This takes coffee roasting, grilling, and smoking meat to a truly social experience.

Speaking of barbecues and smokers, consistency is key in reproducing the results that you want with your meat. And DADO-connected devices take this experience past simple time and temperature instructions. Taking into account the exact weight of the food, the outside temperature and conditions, and other important factors, these grills and smokers manage the process. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if you could slow down the cooking to meet the pace of your event? These are all ways that the Internet of Things will change the way you interact with your culinary appliances. Here’s a quick look at Char-Broil’s products that have been DADO-enabled.

SABER’s EDGE grill is a smart, high-performance, contemporary barbecue that offers real-time cooking information via a Wi-Fi connection. According to the company’s press release, the grill features an all-infrared cooking system that has a wide temperature range and uses 30% less gas than traditional gas grills, a 340 sq. in. cooking surface on 304 stainless steel grates, a pull-out tank tray, and push button electronic ignition at each burner. Char-Broil and DADO unveiled the SABER EDGE grill at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Char-Broil’s electric Big Easy Smoker & Roaster is a dual purpose cooker equipped with features to function as both a smoker and a high-temperature roaster.

Check out Tom Worley’s video below, as he presented these exciting technologies to the crowd gathered in Downtown Las Vegas during CES 2015:




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