DangILoveThat: Give Feedback to Businesses, Benefit Charities

March 29, 2013

3:00 pm

Ian Jarrett was having a great time. He was dining in a restaurant and was so pleased with the experience he simply had to let them know. Only one problem: the restaurant didn’t have a forum in place for customer feedback, and third-party review sites didn’t guarantee that the restaurant would read his feedback.

Jarrett decided to use his technology experience to create and launch a tool that allows consumers to privately give feedback directly to brands and businesses. “We view DangILoveThat as an ecosystem,” says Jarret – a place for brands and consumers to start a conversation and build the relationship. A complete feedback system for both businesses and consumers that creates a win/win for both.

But DangILoveThat is bigger than trying to increase the satisfaction rate with your business. Jarrett envisions DangILoveThat as a driving force in making consumers’ experiences meaningful – not just by improving consumers’ purchases and business’s products, but by improving the surrounding community as well.

Already having worked with Deep Ellum Urban Gardens, Jarrett and DangILoveThat plan to use a percentage of their revenue to donate to charities. Each month, users will nominate and vote on charities they believe are integral to their community (whatever that community may be). Jarrett believes that the idea behind DangILoveThat, improving purchasing experiences, is a perfect match for charitable efforts.

DangILoveThat continues to take their mission to the community. They are a member of Gravity Center, a tech incubator in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent in DangILoveThat’s home of Plano, Texas, helping bring more innovation to the tech industry.

For Jarrett and DangILoveThat, the bottom line isn’t always dollars and cents. “We want people to know we are different and see how our success relies on them, and benefits them and their communities.”

DangILoveThat was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Dallas mixer in February.

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