Date My Wardrobe Will Connect Worldwide Fashionistas Through the Sharing Economy

November 8, 2014

10:00 pm

Date My Wardrobe is a sharing economy app, available for iOS, that helps consumers sell or rent items from their own personal wardrobes to allow others to expand their options. The Date My Wardrobe team presented their company at Tech Cocktail’s Startup Showcase in Boston and was voted Best Pitch by attendees. We asked Amrita Aviyente, Founder and CEO, a few questions about being a startup founder and the lessons she has learned since launching her company.


What’s a quirky fact that sets you or your team apart from some others?

Female founded startup where all male team members are trying to lean in!

What’s the best book you’ve read on entrepreneurship that has helped you as a founder?

The Hard Thing About Hard ThingsBen Horowitz. Excellent read where Ben shares his experience as an entrepreneur, challenges he faced, how he made decisions and what he did to overcome them.

What is the hardest lesson that you have had to learn from while starting up?

– Do what you can yourself and what you can’t learn how to do it! Hire interns who believe in your vision and can fill the gap.
– If you are rejected from accelerators, move on. Show them what they missed!

You mention using interns on your team. How do you keep your whole team bonded and motivated?

– Team dinners/lunches
– We have a Facebook group where from time to time we not only post stuff related to work, sharing economy in general, and articles about other founders, but also post pictures of our vacations.
– just have some fun.
– Hire passionate interns (millennials) who can bring a new perspective to what everyone is doing.
– Weekend hackathon (once in a while).
– Cookie Fridays!

What startup advice do you wish you had been given before you became an entrepreneur?

Wish someone had just said, “It is very hard. If you are crazy enough go figure it out for yourself!”

What startup advice have you heard but disagree with?

– What works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. I hate articles with titles such as “Find your next billion dollar business opportunity” etc.
– “College is useless.” Some people may get the inspiration or the idea when they are in college. Some people may get it right without going to school. There is no right or wrong way. I would say – go with your instincts.

What has been the most encouraging sign that tells you Date My Wardrobe will be a success?

Rise of sharing economy in general. Sharing fashion is something people already do. It is just that currently they do it with just friends and family. Date My Wardrobe is a way to make that easier for users and also reach out to a wider audience. The platform allows for monetizing your closet.

What is your vision for the long term? What outcome would satisfy you?

When I travel to Paris next, I should be able to rent a dress from a local fashionista there. And when someone from London travels to LA, they don’t have to pay for extra luggage. They should be able to rent the idea dress and handbag from a local fashionista in LA.

Just for fun: If your startup was an animal, what would it be?

Great White Shark Because of a number of reasons: a. Their meat is now recommended for human consumption. Competitors – beware b. They are the largest predatory fish. We want to be like that in the fashion rental space. c. On another note, 2 of the cofounders are obsessed about great whites!


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