How do you Pilot a 90s Era Company Through the Modern Age?

April 28, 2015

9:30 am

I’m going to start with one of the most basic, factual statements I’ve ever made: the world of technology is constantly changing. I start here because, while it is base, it indicates a much deeper question is lurking just below the surface: how do you keep a tech company relevant in an evolving environment like that?

David Miller, President of, was brought onto the Vancouver based company to provide an answer to this question with his years of experience in similar fields. However, this challenge is unique for him and the platform because Officepools has been operational since 1995.

“The company was founded in 95, but I was brought in somewhat recently to really take the solid foundation and vault it ahead into the next generation of fantasy sports,” says Miller. “I’ve got a lot of experience with high tech companies. The first thing you have to do is look internally and see how strong the foundation is and where some of the weaknesses are.”

Officepools is a lot of things, but first and foremost it is not a gambling platform. Rather, it offers full service fantasy hockey site with real time updates, player news, fantasy guides, access to hockey gurus, free contests, and a huge variety of pool configuration options.

And the team tells us that since starting in ’95 they’ve grown to be Canada’s largest and most influential online hockey pool manager. In fact, they see over 625,000 loyal hockey fans create and manage fantasy teams each season: Officepools, according to the team, has now come to a point where they have one of the most widely featured products related to hockey.

“We are the premier hockey pool for the commissioner style leagues,” says Miller. “There are plenty of hockey pools already out there, but we find we’re still growing and we have a loyal base that loves the feature set, customer support, and the hands on element.”

Paying attention to the fan feedback and iterating on what they want a central part of Miller’s strategy as he moves the company forward. Specifically though, the Officepools platform has some older users – 50, 60, and 70 year olds – that Miller doesn’t want to leave out in the cold with overwhelming advancements. It takes a steady hand to communicate changes to them, and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re now looking and building our next generation platform which will incorporate not just hockey but other sports as well,” says Miller. “The key to growth is to stay ahead of the features and look at ways the tech can be applied.”

Miller has worked with a lot of very large companies, but Officepools offers something entirely different he hasn’t found elsewhere. To him it’s remarkable of how small it is and how committed the team is to achieving their goals: he doesn’t see an older platform but rather an incredible amount of untapped potential.

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