DC Startup POPVOX Delivers Your Message to Congress

February 11, 2011

11:19 am

Members of Congress are constantly flooded with emails, letters, and phone calls from the public advocating for a various causes.  Ever wonder if your voice is being heard?  Enter POPVOX.   Their web-based tool delivers your message to Congress in a way that Congress can best receive and act upon it.

Designed by a team with a deep understanding of how Congress works, POPVOX is different from other political sites. It is not a discussion forum, but a free, non-partisan message delivery system for individuals, advocacy organizations, and Congress.

It’s really easy to use:  Find a bill you care about, write a message supporting or opposing it, and share your message with your Congressional representative.  By taking a stand on a specific bill, you make it much easier for your legislator to take specific action.  (Once the site is out of beta testing, your name and address will be forwarded to Members of Congress.  For now, they can view messages by visiting POPVOX.)

To lend even more power to your message, you must submit your name and address so you can be verified as a constituent and, therefore, taken more seriously. Congressional staff and lawmakers will use your messages to measure the mood in their districts, and members of the press will be able to research stories and hold Congress accountable for their votes.

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