DC’s eNotebook is Changing the Way Students Take Notes

January 20, 2013

10:00 am

Classrooms around the world are becoming more efficient every day. New technologies in the field of education are taking some of the burden off of teachers by helping students to become more successful learners. While many of these new innovations focus on how teachers teach, a few are coming out that are designed solely for the student.

eNotebook is an app that allows students to download their teachers’ lessons or PowerPoint slides and take notes along with them. It also helps students keep their notes organized by automatically saving them by date and class.

We covered eNotebook last year, and since then, the company has continued its commitment to helping students learn more efficiently.

Kevin Griffhorn is the founder and CEO of We Learn, the company behind the eNotebook app. He is a high school math teacher by day and entrepreneur by night. When asked how he got his inspiration for the app, he said:

“I am a National Board Certified Teacher and full time high school math teacher. I have previous experience in business as well, and realized that the technology used in business does not always translate well in education. On a long marathon training run, I had the inspiration for eNotebook, and several other products have come from additional runs.”

Full time teacher, entrepreneur, AND marathon runner…no big deal (yeah, right!).

Besides the ability for students to take notes during class, the app offers several other features. It allows students to share notes with each other through email. This way, if a student misses a class due to illness (because why else would a student miss class??), he can get a complete set of notes from a classmate and save the time it would take to manually copy them. Also, it allows students to print out individual notes, and email or print entire notebooks that are page numbered and date stamped. While the app automatically saves notes chronologically, all it takes is a simple drag and drop to rearrange them in a preferred order.

The app was beta tested by students from kindergarten- through college-age to guarantee that it is applicable and usable for all ages. Griffhorn plans to create more apps that enhance students’ success, specifically apps that target standardized test preparation.

The eNotebook app was first featured at our Baltimore Mixer and Startup Showcase in the spring and was most recently showcased at DCWEEK in November.

Kristin Pryor is a writer who is interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

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