DC’s SocialRadar Launches SDK to Compete with iOS, Android Location Services

May 12, 2015

12:02 pm

The Washington, D.C.-based SocialRadar, the startup that uses geo-location data from social networks to provide real-time information on people nearby, announced today at Apps World the beta launch of LocationKit, an SDK to compete with the native location services offered on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. According to the company, the free SDK will give developers access to higher-accuracy location, lower battery drain, automatic venue recognition, and detailed reporting and location analytics.

“You have always been able to replace built-in apps such as the calendar app or contacts app with 3rd party mobile apps – we have developed the very first replacement for the Apple iOS and Google core location services,” said SocialRadar founder and CEO Michael Chasen in a statement. “Developers can use our toolset instead of the built-in location manager service to access an array of enhanced location features and reporting for their mobile applications.”

Through SocialRadar’s LocationKit, developers will be given the ability to utilize the company’s high-accuracy location services, allowing them to build various location- and event-based apps that can accurately determine specific venues. The beta release of LocationKit will offer features such as higher accuracy location (with location results accurate up to 2 meters compared to the standard 10 to 100 meters); lower battery drain (at less than 1 percent battery drain per pour compared to the current rate of 8 to 14 percent with native location services); automatic venue recognition; and reporting and location analytics.

We first heard about LocationKit back in November of last year, when SocialRadar announced its acquisition of Gridskippr. Initially called SocialRadar SDK, we expressed our excitement for the company’s shift from a focus on solely its own application, to spreading and opening its technology to other developers.

Developers interested in using the SocialRadar LocationKit SDK can sign up for free here.


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