DEANA Fit: Personal Trainer App Launches Today on Kickstarter

October 1, 2014

9:00 am

D.E.A.N.A Fit is a personal trainer in the palm of your hand – you can access more than 250 unique exercises, nutrition plans, and ultimately reach a new level of fitness. D.E.A.N.A (or “Digital Exercise and Nutrition Advisor) uses innovative AI technology to serve as your very own personal trainer.

D.E.A.N.A Fit launches today on Kickstarter, and CEO Andrew Lum says the personal trainer app makes working out, eating healthy, and ultimately weight loss easy for its users.

“Essentially we create a body score for you,” says Lum of the process. “When you enter things in: like your age, your gender, your height, your weight, D.E.A.N.A. uses that data to determine which exercises you should be doing.”

Lum also says one of the most popular features of D.E.A.N.A. Fit is the Comprehensive Nutrition Plan because it takes the guesswork out your diet.

“We offer cohesive meal plans with recipes and grocery lists,” says Lum. “People love being told what to eat, what to buy in the store and how to cook it. But we want to improve our nutrition program by allowing users to enter in food allergies and preferences. That’s why we’re launching our Kickstarter Campaign.”

Here’s a list of other features you should know:

  • A video library of 250 unique exercises: “She ensures you are learning the exercises to practice good form for optimal performance and results,” reads an excerpt on their site.
  • Adjustments to your personal fitness level: According to their site, “If you mark an exercise Too Easy or Too Hard she will offer you an alternative. She wants you to work smart while working to your best ability.
  • Patent Pending Artificial Intelligence: D.E.A.N.A. Fit technology offers a health interview, equipment interview, fit test, and body score.
  • Weight Loss: The average user lost 20 lbs and 4 inches around their waist in 8 weeks.
  • Pricing: Compared to a personal trainer, the prices of D.E.A.N.A Fit are extremely reasonable: for $4.99/month, users can get a digital exercise planwith unlimited workouts and 8 weeks of meal plans.

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Not only does D.E.A.N.A Fit target individuals, but they also have a Corporate Wellness component with a goal to increase employee performance.

“When you lose weight and you increase your energy levels through strength, your mind is able to make decisions easier, think more clearly; people that are in better shape and are smarter on average,” says Lum.

Lum also says this is a good time to be in the fitness and mobile health space.

“I do think it’s changing very quickly,” says Lum. “Mobile health and fitness apps are increasing in usage faster than the average app; obesity is a growing problem and it really has to be tackled. I think this is just the right time.”

More about Lum and the D.E.A.N.A. Fit Team

The D.E.A.N.A Fit Beta is available on iOS and Android. Lum founded D.E.A.N.A Fit in September 2013 and is the former CEO/ Founder of Fugazo, Inc, where the company made $15 million in game sales.

Lum is joined by Brian Cooley-Gillion, the CTO, Jose Estrella, the CSO, Jen Beck, the VP and Edsel Segova, a Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer.

His advice for entrepreneurs is to validate your idea before you make it a business.

“Definitely make sure you have validated your business plan, but don’t quit your day job until you have traction; there has to be a reason for quitting your day job,” says Lum.

To learn more about D.E.A.N.A Fit, visit their Kickstarter page or watch this video:




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