Declara, the “Love Child” of Pinterest and Udemy

August 20, 2015

6:00 pm

Forget about the way you learn at school: Learning happens around the clock and collaboratively. You can have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, but it may become a hassle to consume it if it’s not curated. Popular knowledge platform Declara aims to change that by introducing human curation in all possible fields of knowledge, and does that in a nicely designed iOS app. It’s like Pinterest meeting Udemy. And the best of all is that you can become an important part of this platform. I have to admit that I liked this idea the moment I understood how Declara works.


When you download Declara from the App Store, you’ll be invited to join this knowledge platform, either by using your LinkedIn profile or email address. Then you select topics of interest, and you are good to go. You’ll be welcomed by an abundance of curated content in all the areas of interest you selected. All the articles you get are organized in a nice, clear interface which is easy on the eye, an important feature, as it assumes that you are going to read a lot.

You know, I read a lot of articles, most of them on my iPhone or iPad, and if the website offers Reader View I always choose that, because I simply hate the idea of being distracted by ads. Then, if I like an article and I’d like to preserve the knowledge, I save it in apps such as Pocket or Evernote. But it’s only me who has access to that knowledge. The information is out there, but I saved it only for myself. Another scenario: You can share it on Facebook, but the information gets lots in an instant among the abundance of status updates.

Declara made me realize that I am being selfish: Why not share the knowledge with others, especially since I mostly read articles in my field of expertise? Fortunately, you can add articles to Declara by hitting the sharing button in the Safari browser and choosing Declara. I just typed a name for my collection, and that’s it. I became a happy contributor, adding relevant information to the growing knowledge base.

Now, this is when Declara’s magic happens. The people behind Declara have developed an intelligent algorithm called “Declara’s Open Knowledge Engine” that observes how its users learn. With this information, the system acts as an educational mentor, connecting the user with other users who can help or who are experts on a particular subject. This frictionless semantic search improves search outcomes and makes content discovery easier.

If you are hungry for more than you originally selected, you can browse collections of curated online content. In addition, you can connect with the people who contribute and follow them, while reading highlights and cliff note versions of articles with insights. Declara launches today on the App Store, download now! [Download link]

Image Credit: Flickr/Doun


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