Actually Fashionable Wearable Tech: Cuff Wins Decoded Fashion NYC Startup Competition

November 19, 2014

6:30 pm

Today and yesterday, Decoded Fashion held its New York Summit in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, inviting leading startups and individuals from the worlds of fashion and technology to share their thoughts on such things as how fashion houses and retail chains are utilizing nascent technologies, as well as highlighting the work from rising startups that bringing the two worlds together. As part of the two-day event, Decoded Fashion held its fashion startup competition, where five fashion startups got the opportunity to pitch their companies in front of a leading panel of judges. In the end, fashionable wearable tech company Cuff beat out the rest for a feature on

Decoded Fashion held its New York Summit at Metropolitan West. (Via Tech Cocktail)

Cuff is truly revolutionizing the way wearable tech should be approached. Blending together trendy aesthetics with innovative technology, Cuff provides the conveniences of new technology with the versatility of fashion accessories & jewelry. The company offers an entire collection that is made up of bracelets, necklaces, and keychains for both men and women. Through the company’s “CuffLincs” – small interchangeable modules that serves as the essential tech behind its accessories – wearers are provided with a wearable tech device that gives them push notifications, tracks their personal fitness, and even serves as an emergency alert system. Cuff also added that they are focused on making their technology an open design platform, so that others out there can adopt it for their own use(s).

“With Cuff, you get to curate your tech needs and you get to determine how you wear it,” said founder and CEO Deepa Sood at yesterday’s competition. “And we’ve made it an open design platform, so that brands large and small can put functionality for their end user the way they know best.”

Cuff founder and CEO Deepa Sood pitching at the Decoded Fashion startup competition. (Via Tech Cocktail)

The judges at Decoded Fashion’s NYC startup competition included, Westfield’s director of UK & Europe marketing, Myf Ryan; editor-in-chief Dirk Standen; Nordstrom’s director of creative projects Olivia Kim; and Simon Collins, the dean of fashion at Parsons The New School for Design. And for them, they believed that the Cuff’s alert system is what really differentiated it from the other companies that competed. According to Collins:

“This is a panic button that lets all of your friends or people that you nominate know exactly where you are. It’s a live feed to what is going on, and will enable them to come and give you help or support. It’ll do something in a way that didn’t involve 12 different steps on your phone, so it literally streamlined an operation that we don’t currently have. I think for college campuses, etc., it’s a really valuable opportunity. That was the only thing out of all of them, frankly, that I felt my phone didn’t already do.”

The other competitors in Decoded Fashion’s startup competition included:

  • JonLou: Maker of the 314 handbag, a luxury handbag designed to charge your smartphone.
  • Kovert Designs: Offers a modular collection of smart designer jewelry and corresponding app that provides users with various notifications.
  • Machina: Created an athletic, hooded jacket with integrated speakers, giving wearers the ability to listen to music without headphones.
  • Viawear: A smart bracelet that will provide you with notifications and alerts.

Cuff is currently accepting pre-orders on a limited basis. Learn more about them from their website or watch the video below:


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