Easily Manage All of Your Contacts With Delirium’s Reverb App

April 28, 2011

1:30 pm

Pop quiz: In how many places do you store your business contacts?  If you’re fairly typical, probably in 1 or 2 email address books, your smart phone, on social networks, and in a CRM, all of which need to be manually updated, a time-consuming task that is only slightly more exciting than filing that stack of papers sitting on your desk.

Let Pittsburgh-based Delirium make your life a whole lot easier.  Their first product, Reverb, which they will be demoing Reverb at Funded by Night in Detroit this week, was launched at the beginning of the year to help you manage your digital data.

Reverb makes it dead simple for you to add, update, and share your address book information across address books, devices, and computers.  Just set it up once and when contacts are updated in one place, they’ll be updated everywhere else automatically. Nice!

Delirium was founded by Justin Burdett, a former product manager for a software company in Pittsburgh, and Mike Riley, a web and mobile developer who recently worked as the lead mobile developer for San Diego-based Digital Operative.  Their elegant app is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like to beat your friends to the coolest new technology.

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